ripped canvas vs. dark patina?

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  1. I am looking at two bags right now, one has a little tear in the mono canvas at the very top, but the other has a darker patina that is orange-ish.

    they are both the same price. which would ya'll get?
  2. i would prob go for the darker patina cuz i would worry about a tear spreading, but i guess it depends on how the patina is...
  3. do you have pictures???? I would most likely go for the one with the patina..not a tear...tears scare me!
  4. if you get the one with the patina, you can get the vachetta replaced.
    I don't know what repair can be done on the canvas.
  5. here we go:
    patina vs. rip

    Attached Files:

  6. I would definitely avoid the ripped canvas purse. Go for the darker patina purse if the monogram canvas is in good shape. You can always get the vachetta replaced for a fee.
  7. but isn't replacing vachetta, like 200-300 dollars?
  8. I'd go with the dark patina then try to clean it with wipes/magic eraser + leather conditioner after. Besides, I think the mono line looks better with a patina anyway :smile:
  9. avoid both and buy brand new!
  10. dark patina. You could always replace the handles. I dont think you could replace a piece of the canvas.
  11. :yes:
  12. save a little more and find a better one or a new one..
  13. I think the darker patina bag actually looks lovely - the torn canvas can't be repaired. You can use the other bag and not worry about it or spruce up the vachetta with baby wipes or magic eraser. At the right price it could be perfect!
  14. I think its pretty clear that they are on a budget and buying new is out of the question. :rolleyes:
  15. i'm with you!!!! GO BIG OR GO HOME is what i always say. :smile: