Ripoff or Bargain on eBay

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  1. A few days ago, I purchased a "NEW" (seller's own words) on eBay. But it arrived smelling like a cigarette smoke factory.

    To make a long story short, I complained to the seller and she offered to refund me totally except for the $10 shipping. Alternatively, I could take a reduction in price of $75. I went with the latter option as the purse was beautiful except for the smell.

    I managed to knock out about 85% of the cigarette odor by spraying it liberally with Ozium ($7 at drugstore) two nights in a row.

    Then, I soaked cotton balls with Vanilla Extract and place them into the pockets. Also wiped the outside of the purse with a mixture of vinegar and water. This helped remove the smell from the exterior.

    I actually carried the purse to work this afternoon, after spraying Escada Rockin' Rio perfume on a small face cloth and lining the bottom of the purse with it. I also sprayed Escada perfume on cotton balls and tucked them into each pocket.

    LOL! I walked into the office smelling like a Perfume Counter when I returned to work today! The purse is beautiful and I smelled only my favorite perfume for the rest of the day as it sat on my desk.

    My teenage daughter refuses to stick her nose in the purse. She claims that it is too strong smelling (mostly ozium but I think it will fade eventually)--however, my alternative was to carry a $170 smokestack on my arm. I do wonder if I paid too much.

    It is a Coach Black Patent Leather F11500. Original Macy's Tag showed MSRP of $398. The purse came with a sequined Coach scarf (silver and black).

    I am satisfied with my decision but would like some opinions about how I did with the price.

    Did I get a good price for this purse or did I get ripped off? Would like some opinions.

    thanks! :kiss:
  2. I would return - I an not stand that smell
  3. I think the answer to your question depends on just how much the smell bothers you. It sounds like you've done a pretty good job of getting the smell out and that you really like the purse. And if you were willing to pay whatever the original price was and then got a $75 discount because of the smell, which you seem to have mostly gotten out, I think it's a good deal. Now for someone with severe allergies to cigarettes or terribly bothered by the smoke so much so that they can't or won't carry the bag, then obviously it's not a good deal. I'm not sure what these go for on ebay, but do you think you could have gotten a smoke-free bag for the same price you paid after the $75 discount? If not and you're okay with how the bag smells, I again think it's a good deal. Also (and this may be a stupid question), but if the bag is MFF why would it have a Macy's sticker on it?
  4. krislynne said exactly what I was thinking including asking why it had a Macy's sticker.
  5. I would have returned, that is if I didn't think i would have been able to get it clean.
  6. Thanks for your opinions. :smile: Actually, both the bag and the scarf had coach tags on them but the back of the bag price tag also had a Macy's sticker. I believe Macy's sells Coach purses and the seller let me know this purse was returned to the factory.

    I couldn't find anything wrong with the purse except for the smell and I've gotten rid of the smoke smell now. I'm just left with perfume and ozium.

    I've only found the F11500 selling for $238 new. So I suppose my original purchase price was a little too steep. The refund she gave me brought the final cost to $170 with the scarf included.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  7. I understand your problem if you really like the bag except for the smell.

    I got a bag from *bay and it had a slight smoke smell, the user did say she was a smoker but said non-smokers she knew said it did not have a smell.

    It was an original white Ali in perfect shape other than the smell so I did not want to send it back if the smoke smell could be removed. She said she would take it, but I turned the liner inside out and sprayed with Febreeze (fabric odor remover spray - there are a few other brands available) and set it out side under a covered patio all day one nice breezy day last fall. The smell came out and I asked several people (all non smokers) if they notice any smoke smell, thinking maybe I just got used to it and no one can smell it. HTH
  8. That's great you got the odor out with just Febreeze. I have also heard smokers say they are desensitized to the smell of smoke.

    My seller said she wasn't even a smoker and it must have come from the person who returned it to the factory. I'm not sure I believe her because it really reeked. The kind of strength that only comes from long time storage on a chain smoker's shelf. (not to offend smokers--but it's not an attractive smell)

    I think I will try turning the liner inside out like you did. Fortunately, this won't scare me off from hunting for a good deal on eBay. I'll just have to make a point to ask every seller about smoke smells before bidding...
  9. Yeah but if the style number is F11500 that F means it was made exclusively for factories and shouldn't have been sold at Macy's. I also think I remember reading somewhere on TPF that you can't return a bag purchased at Macy's, Dillards, or Nordstroms to a boutique or outlet. I could be wrong about that, though. So what the seller told you sounds a little fishy to me, but if you're happy with the bag, that's all that matters. Enjoy!
  10. Oh I hate when ebay sellers do that!!! I was selling some of my "used" bags recently, and the first question I got from someone was "do you smoke"- I make sure to state "comes from a pet and smoke free home"... but I guess people are scared with ebay, and I understand why!!! I wouldn't want a purse that smells like a cig factory, and i'd never offer anybody a purse this way either...

    I guess if you're happy with the bag and the price, then great! i m glad you were able to take care of the smell! If its a purse you totally love, then i say its worth it, but in the future i'd say ask the seller before bidding, to confirm its a smoke free home! I'd be mad if I'd get a "smokey" purse, I just cant cant stand it, and I m not the kindof person who will take care to get the smell out- but if you can do that it's great. Congrats on your new bag!!! I'm sure you'll wear her well. It does feel nice when it starts smelling like a parfume-counter ;)
  11. It's not a MFF bag, it's a boutique bag.
    Ironically, I bought the same bag last week!
    Mine was used, though.
    I already own it in camel, love it, bought it used in black.

    At this point it's yours.
    The smell will come out, I think.

    I've heard putting it in a plastic bag w/ kitty litter and the kitty litter will absorb the odors out of the bag. Litter doesn't have to touch the bag, just be nearby.

    Maybe some of those charcoal filled shoe bags for smelly feet?
    They absorb odors...try putting those in it?

    I heart this bag!
    We're twins!
  12. ^^ I was going to say baking soda. Put it in a garbage bag with an open box of soda for a few days.
  13. She can't return it because, she already accepted a partial refund from the seller. Did the seller say it was from a smoke free home?

    About the price, you got it for around $100, right? I don't think thats a bad price!

  14. Its a gorgeous bag! I would have taken the same option you did but, I am a smoker and I kinda like the smell of smoke lol.
  15. I'm also a smoker so, smoke don't bother me but, I have seen quite a few Tpf members talk about using bag candies to get the smell of smoke out. You can probably do a search and find some info on them. Here is the link to the site you can buy them from...