RIP Laptop

  1. :crybaby: My laptop literally just died on me :crybaby:

    I've been having problems for a couple of weeks now, but nothing too serious, but today it won't even start anymore :sad: I guess it's finally time I get a new one, that baby was already about 4 years old, but still fine for internet and office work. I feel sad :s
  2. Are you sure it's not just the battery? Mine's going to be 4 years old and I have to change the battery I think.
  3. yep, I'm sure its not the battery :yes: .... it won't even start up when it's connected to the power :shrugs:
  4. I'm so sorry!! Hope you have fun shopping for a new one!
  5. oh i feel your pain. i've had mine for around 4 yrs too, and it's slowly falling apart on me. the cd drive randomly stops working or makes this huge squeaky sound while refusing to play certain dvds and cds...and my wireless has been slowly dying. just last night the wireless on it died every 20 seconds and it informed me there were no wireless networks in range, when i was staring directly at our router that clearly was working.....time for me to shop for a new one too!!

    just out of curiousity, what laptop do you have?

  6. it's called "Targa Visionary" and was bought a supermarket here in Germany :sweatdrop: it was pretty cheap, but it worked perfectly until now :shame:

    I spent all afternoon looking for a replacement, but to be honest I have no clue what to go for (and SO is at work, so he can't help me) .... I'd get a pink Sony Vaio but just because it's pink ... lol :p

    Does anybody have any recomendations for me?

    I was looking at Dell and they seem to have some good ones :shrugs:
  7. Aww so sorry :'(
  8. ^^ mine is a sony vaio, s150, one of the super sexy sleek tiny ones sony came out with a few years ago. all their laptops before then were kind of clunky, imo. unfortunately, everyone in my family has always been sony vaio fans, and that's basically all we've owned, and the same problems have consistently come up, REPEATEDLY, regardless of how old/new the laptop is...the same probs eventually emerge! so in my search for a new laptop, i've been trying to look around also but the sexiness of the sony vaios always draw me in; i'm trying so hard to stay away!!!

    i'm currently looking at the fujitsu lifebooks - they're pretty gorgeous and have gotten great reviews. i think for a reliable but definitely not sexy laptop, thinkpads are good (lenovo). my very computer/tech-saavy SO recommends asus, but they have really short battery life. can you tell i've done my research? all depends on knowing the specifications you want/need and finding one that matches (and looks good!).
  9. Sorry about your computer.
    I would defintiely without a doubt suggest an Apple laptop.
  10. Awwww, Kitty :sad: I'm so sorry that your laptop is broken! I would be devistated if mine broke.

    If you're looking for a cheap replacement, I believe Norma had one in their advertisements this week for maybe around 500 EUR?

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5150 and it has lasted me 4+ years. It's really a great laptop and I couldn't ask for anything better! When this thing finally dies, I think I will be buying another dell, just because I know they have excellent customer service and are very friendy and have quality machines. I know which Viao you're talking about - I eyed that one up at Media Markt the other day, haha! It looks like a pretty nice one too, but I'd need one that would be able to handle The Sims 2 and that one definitely wasn't able to! :smile:

    Good luck :heart:
  11. ITA = for ease of use and the extras
    it comes with - love mine.
  12. I've had my IBM Pentium II Thinkpad (yes...pentium 2) for years..what..7 or so, and it works fine (well, for web browsing ;) ). Although, now Lenovo makes them for IBM, so I'm not sure about the quality now. The higher end Dells seem to be built well. Look into Acer too.
  13. +1.

    Mac's just work. theyre great... I even accidentally ran mine over with my car (long embarassing story) and it STILL started! not that the screen worked that well but they were able to transfer the contents of my hard drive to a new laptop.
    :heart: Mac
  14. Argh, hope you'll find a new one soon. Whatever you'll get, make sure it's no Packard Bell, lol. My flatmate just bought one 2 months ago and it broke down after a week :wtf: Plus the store where she bought it is extremely unwilling to help. :cursing:
    I'm using one by ASUS - still pretty new, so I don't know how they hold up, but it's perfect so far :yes:
  15. Please do not buy a dell, my friend has one for work and this is her 4 one. The first one she recieved was sooo slow.. but atleast it worked. Unfortunately it got stolen, the next three were just a disaster. The one she is using now everything works but the wifi, and she just inserts a wireless card in it.

    I would recommend an Apple. I have a macbook pro and it is sooo fast. Im spoiled, because when I have to use anyone else's computer I wanna throw it out the window!

    This is off topic, but I just recently converted to Macs around a year and a half ago and I now have a really hard time using windows machines!