1. I'm curious...does Hermes carry rings? I've never thought to look for them before! Anything in white gold, yellow gold, silver? Any at all in the first place? :p Any info (whether or not they even exist, designs, pics, prices, etc.) greatly appreciated! :yes:

    (oh and rings for finger, not for scarves :biggrin:)
  2. Yes, they do. I've seen them of sterling, not sure about the gold. I also have one of the collier de chien rings.
  3. Oooh! Is it metal only, or metal/leather like the bracelet? Do you know how much any of the rings run?
  4. They absolutely have rings in silver and gold! I have seen diamond H rings, rings with moonstones, Kelly rings with a little charm hanging off, rings in the shape of a belt, rings with a love knot on top...many many more designs than I could possible mention...
  5. I saw a gorgeous one last year in gold with diamonds...I remember posting about it.
  6. I never thought that H has so many different style of rings until I visit the H store in Ginza Tokyo. Lots and lots, in white gold and gold, in silver and metal/leather combo.
  7. It's metal and leather.

    I just read the other responses. I really should venture into the jewelry department more. Problem is, I'm just not into jewelry.
  8. I've seen a lot of H charm rings from resellers... but would love to see more :heart: