Ring Question

  1. Hi Everyone,

    My BF and I have been looking at rings a lot lately and after careful consideration and months of looking, have both fallen in love with this one


    We love the 3 stone, and the flow of it and we picked out a 1.5 ct Round stone for the center, but I'm also really partial for the Asscher cut.

    So my question to all of you is, do you think the Asscher would look right in that setting or should I stick with the Round? (both will be 1.5ct in size)

    Thank you!! :jammin:
  2. Go with your heart! If your ready to pay more for the Asscher name and the additional carat weight it will take to fit in that ring (Asschers face up smaller than rounds), then by all means, go for it!! But there is nothing wrong with a round either. It's a great ring!

    Just make sure any stone you get is certified to be at LEAST "very good" in cut, symmetry and polish! It's all about the cut for fire and brilliance!! Trust me. I've learned the hard way.
  3. I think the Asscher would look fine in that setting :yes:
  4. Personally, I prefer rounds to Asschers, but even if I didn't, I still think a round would look better in this setting!
    Good luck and enjoy your ring, whichever you choose!
  5. my two cents... check out www.pricescope.com this is a very educational website for diamond fanatics and of course the rookies too. they have very trustworthy recommended sellers. for mine, i bought it from whiteflash a highly recommended seller. Most of the stones are either GIA certified or AGS and the price is way less than what you will pay in the store you mentioned.i was kind of hesitant at first but i ended up buying 2.4ct platinum ring with 1.9ct pear shape center stone and it is beautiful!!so i highly recommend for you to check out this site !!!