Ring Bag Question

  1. I noticed when I was looking at pics thread for Ring bags etc. that Jburgh black biker leather ring bag has a cute little golden ball on the side of it.

    I am wondering if that is something that JC had on the bag or did Jburgh add it herself. Either way it is really cute and I would love an adornement for my Ring Bag that I should receive this week (yaaay me) :woohoo:!

    Please let me know your thoughts and where I can find cute purse adornments. I love ladybugs so maybe I could even find one.
  2. I believe Jburgh has a Juicy acorn charm on her bag. I too LOVE to put a Juicy charm on my bag occasionally. On my black Ring bag I have this charm [​IMG]
    on my burgundy Ring I have this charm [​IMG]
    and on my nude Ring I have this one....it's a bit rare and htf....[​IMG]

    But do look into the Juicy Couture charms....there's a million of them and they're really cute, and a great size for bags! :tup:
  3. It is a Juicy charm - an acorn, that opens up. My Balenciaga ROAK buddy sent it last year. I do like the Juicy charms and have the Empire State building, cocktail shaker, acorn, cherries, and crystal bow. The lobster claw type clasp can fit over larger zipper pulls than a typical spring ring type on other charms. You can get them on eBay (beware of fakes) and any other place that sells Juicy jewelry. They go from about $35 - 70$.

    Stinker - your snow globe is pretty cute! I'm gonna go look at some now on eBay.
  4. Jburgh, you'll love the snow globe! It's much cuter IRL....the "snow" is made of pearls, very pretty and like all Juicy charms very well done! :yes:

    I actually didn't realize a Juicy charm would fit on a Choo until I saw Jburgh's photo as well! So two thumbs up for Juicy charms on JC! :tup:

    By the way....Juicy did several different snowflakes, one each year. The one I have is one of my favorite Juicy charms....very sparkly against the black biker leather! And perfect for the season of course.
  5. How cute! I didn't even know Juicy made charms! You know jburgh, for always claiming you're "mature", you're pretty hip!
  6. Stinker, your snowman is sooo cute! Where you do buy these from?
  7. I got mine from Nordstrom's during a sale, but they're also on eBay and fairly cheap too! You can usually get them on Ebay for less than you would in a store. :yes:

    And the snowman is TOO cute!! :love:
  8. I didn't say I was mentally mature, lol!
  9. As usual you ladies rock! I will go check some out on Ebay. I wonder if the Juicy forum can authenticate charms as well :tender:!