Rick Owens Lovers Thread

  1. I have hankered for a Rick Owens since Jan and with advice from Annanas and a link posted by Susie I took the plunge:smile:

    I ordered on Friday and it came on Monday, so pretty fast. The price was also cheaper than London prices so I thought why not!

    Its black, 44 - I tried on the 42 and it was perfect wearing a thin jumper, but I thought it would be nice to have a bit of space for thicker long jumpers in the winter months. I might get a shadow 42 later.

    Anyway, on with the pics.
    RO Jacket 002.jpg RO Jacket 003.jpg RO Jacket 005.jpg RO Jacket 006.jpg
  2. yay for a RO thread! here are my two :shame:


    and my newest addition - terrible photo since it's pretty difficult to do a mod pic with an SLR yourself without distorting the shoulders, and there was no daylight at the time :push:


    the first one isn't proper black, more dusky/slightly greyish/greeny i guess, but the second one is definitely solid black.
  3. I love :heart: both of your ROs - you look fantastic :tup:, it was when I tried on yours in Paris, I thought I must get mine!
  4. :shame:

    it was just about the best purchase ever, let's see if the other one matches up!

    anyone else here at all? :graucho:
  5. I bought the famed RO moto jacket about 2 years ago. LOVE IT!!!!! Has anyone else noticed that the price of this piece changes from season to season? When I bought it, it was around $2600. Less than a year later, it was $2,065 and stayed at that price for like 6 months (this was the retail price, not on sale). Now it's back up to $2675! Bizarre.
  6. i was wondering about that too, but i think the s/s styles are thinner and also a bit cheaper. where you get it can make a big difference too, but i think generally a/w jackets are more expensive and have a thicker lining, certainly my first one which is an a/w jacket is a fair bit more substantial than my s/s one that i just got.
  7. ^^^ Huh! I guess that's possible! I just assumed it was the same jacket from season to season because it *looked* the same on Net-A-Porter both seasons, but that's good to know that your s/s and a/w jackets are vary in thickness -- it would be a very reasonable explanation for the price difference!
  8. Check out these places to purchase



    LVR is where I got mine from and it is cheaper than NAP.

    Its great that you have a RO jacket Kirsty Darling, 2 years and still going strong!:tup: I think its a classic jacket.
  9. ^^ Actually I bought mine at LVR!!! But it was $2600 2 years ago! I wonder if the one you posted, Sammyjoe, is of a S/S version of the jacket?
  10. ^ I just looked at the tag and the jacket I have says A/W 10 on it, so I guess its a winter one. I have found LVR to be just like NAP in terms of speed in delivery and packaging etc. I saved £400 - $650ish by going with LVR instead of NAP.
  11. ^^^ That's great! But I wonder why I had to pay $2600 at the same place for my A/W jacket! Grrrrrr.
  12. Congrats on your new jacket Sammyjoe!!

    I love that shouldered jacket annanas :graucho:

    I have a couple of leather jackets from past seasons and I bought this RO black shearling jacket a couple of weeks ago. I went up a size (from my usual 40 to a 42) because the shoulders were tiny. The pic isn't me ;)
  13. Thanks Straight laced! I love your new RO shearling jacket, it looks so cozy, and keeping the same classic side zip!!!

    I have no idea why RO's prices changes so much KirstyDarling, I just remember them selling out as soon as they came into stock
  14. Ooooo, Straight-Laced, that is gorgeous!! Very classic and so warm looking!

    Sammyjoe -- I know, it's a mystery!!!
  15. Sammyjoe, I wish I had not clicked on this thread, I adore the one you posted from lvr. I am normally at size 42 in most things, so if in the future I were to get one would you recommend a size 44, I do not like lest her jackets tight on me?