Ribera MM vs. Mini Ribera.

  1. I've only been able to find pics of the Mini.. if anyone has a Ribera MM can you post modeling pics please??

    Thanks!! :heart:

    Also, can you share the pros and cons of each size?
  2. I hv the mini ribera and think it's cute. The mini is a cute size, and fits about a compact wallet, long wallets like pti and zippy does fit but is a hassle to get it in and out of, fits a phone, cles, tissues and all with some more space. you'd do well if u want a small bag instead of the mm. I saw it on a friend and it was as big as the speedy 25 or 30. And the ribera will never lose it shape. :yes: say mini. lols i might be biased though. :yes:
  3. I wish there was a Ribera PM! :hysteric:

    Mini is too small and MM is too big!
  4. this's the one I got from CELEBs and their LV

    I totally love ribera MM and will grab it suddenly my exam end ^^

  5. It's gorgeous, isnt it!!!!!! :yes:
  6. if u dun hv many things to carry.. mini ribera
    i guess ribera MM is similar to the size of speedy 30...
    both r nice:smile:
  7. the PM is tiny, i'd go with the mm.
  8. Thanks gals! I remember trying them both on a few years back but I thought the Mini was too small and the MM was too big on me (i'm 5'1) but I think I really want one of them.
  9. I loveeee the Ribera MM...I tried it on in Hong Kong and fell in love. It is kinda big, but the mini is too small!
  10. i think the mini is the perfect size for me...the MM is definitely too big! it's so structured that it sticks out by my side (the MM)...love the MINI!
  11. I love small bags, and I tried both at the LV boutique. I'm 5'2", and the MM looked like I was a kid playing with my mother's purse. :sad: I got the Mini!
  12. Hmmmm I think there is mini calling your name. :graucho:
  13. I absolutely love the Ribera MM - but I do love big bags :smile:
  14. I really like the MM.
  15. I have both. But honestly i only have used the mini and even though its a beauty its a pain in the butt to open and take your stuff out. But i still think they are so beautiful. Hope this helps.