RGGH city available anywhere?


Mar 8, 2013
I am hoping to make my first ever bal purchase very soon, and the combination I would love is a Black city with RGGH.

I'd like to buy brand new.

From what I can tell this combination is not available, I live in the UK.

Have Bal stopped making this? Am I going to be able to get a brand new one?

Thanks!!!! :graucho:


Jul 21, 2008
southwest france/hawaii
Most unfortunately, RGGH has been discontinued :sad:

But, Bal (at least the shops in Paris) was clearing out old stock as of late April this year. I bought a RGGH coin pouch, and the SA who helped me with the purchase said that they had a good amount of bags left with that hardware. If you're able, call around at the Paris boutiques and perhaps they'll have a black City that they can send in the post to you.