revolve clothing

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  1. i was wondering if anyone else had issues with revolve clothing...i just ordered a nanette lepore jacket (the last one in the size) on was shipped out tuesday 2-3 day mail...and it never arrived....nor can it be tracked! so frustrating....just wondering if anyone else has ever been in the same boat....
  2. Yes, but they fixed it. I ordered a shirt from them that I really wanted but it didn't arrive after weeks. I phoned them and they said they had forgot to send it (:wtf:) and that they had it right with there and they would mail it out right away. So I waited another week and it didn't come. I phoned them again and they said they didn't know where the shirt was. Ahh. But I got my money refunded and I ordered from them again and everything's been fine after that one incident.
  3. Hmm.. that's weird. I always order from Revolve and never encountered a problem. It should have came with a tracking number! Call them up and they'll probably remedy this issue with a refund. Good luck!
  4. No problems here. I ordered a Primp jacket from them once and had it less than a week later.
  5. Never! I always get my goods. They always send them in a sturdy box. They always have the best deals. More, please!
  6. I wouldn't worry about it! Sometimes Priority Mail can take a little longer than expected. Give it a week or two, then call. I'm sure they''d be more than happy to replace something that never came. They're amazingly nice!
  7. okay i just counted and i've placed 16 orders with them, all went through flawlessly.

    i bought trs once and they gave me the right wash, but johnnys instead of bobbys. it wasn't a big deal for me though.
  8. thanks for all the support everyone! turns out that it showed up today...just a day was the last one in that size...that's why i was a little freaked out...but now worries...thanks again
  9. I'm sorry you've had this problem, I have found them to be really good
  10. I've never had a problem. Contact customer service via email - they are always extremely fast in their replies. I LOVE ordering from Revolve.
  11. Glad to hear everything worked out.
  12. I'm glad that your item finally arrived! I never have any bad experience with revolve.
  13. maybe they can even give you a little discount for the trouble? they're usually so efficient