Review on Stroke Me/BE?


Oct 12, 2007
Hi Ladies,

I just was inspired by TropicalGal's post on the Love me to start this thread. Now, that you have been wearing your Stroke Me's for awhile, I was wondering what everyone still thought of?

I received last week the Matte Chocolate Large and I'm still trying to figure out why it just didn't look right on me. I think it was a big part the color/leather. I didn't realize just how matte it is and I do like a little more "shine/softness". For example, I just adore my black crash. I love that type of leather.

Anyway, since I returned it so quickly that day. I'm wondering if maybe it was the color/leather that wasn't for me and maybe I liked the style. One of the posters here brought it to my attention that maybe the petrol or wine isn't as matte and with more shine. I think that's the case from looking at the pictures here on the forum again.

I'd love to hear more reviews on this handbag from you ladies before I try to order it again.

I normally love slouchy handbags too, but, I would like to know if you find the STroke me in the larger size, too slouchy? I like the handbag to have somewhat of a shape.

Also, any comments on the colors especially the wine and petrol. Does the wine have too many pink undertones to be a neutral and go well with most colors? (can you tell that I need handbags that go with everything so I don't even have to think about when I'm walking out the door)?

If I order the wine, I don't want it to be noticed as a "pink" handbag, but more of a "wine" handbag. Does that make any sense?

Hope everyone is enjoying their BE!!!!!
I adore my Stroke Me, but not as an every day bag. For me, it is an airline travel bag -- into which I'll put my earphones, pillow, book, etc. and my Mulberry Antony messenger. I will use the Stroke Me as a day travel bag, but not as a daily handbag. As a handbag, it is too big, too deep. But for a travel tote, it is light and spacious, plus, HIGHLY ELEGANT LOOKING in a minimal way. My matte chocolate is SO CLASSY!