Review of the SF Union Square Party!


A taste for the arts
Oct 7, 2006
San Francisco
Last night I went to the party in the San Francisco Union Square store. Another lovely pfer, etagaya, graciously accepted my invitation to attend.

We arrived fashionably late at about 6:45 and there were already quite a few people inside. There was a bit of confusion about my rsvp -- the guy at the door claimed I didn't rsvp and wasn't going to let us in -- but after I insisted that I did, and I named my SA, we were granted entrance. (From now on, I will rsvp with the toll free number AND at the store level.)

Well, I don't know what was more exciting -- the merchandise or the people watching. As we arrived, a black Bentley drove up and a couple in their early 50s got out. (The only reason I'm mentioning this is for the people watch factor. More on this couple soon.)

As soon as we got in the door, we were greeted with white wine and champagne. We decided to start in the clothing section and I was amazed at the angora sweaters (what luxury!) and the sleek jackets. Very nice! The shoes were great -- I saw a pair of perfect black suede flats with hammered metal on the toe -- very chic.

The jewelry and watches were amazing. I picked out a men's watch for DH (but did not buy after taking into account the $5K+ price tag), chronograph style, with a chocolate brown face. Very striking! I also saw a beautiful Tahitian pearl necklace with diamond accents which I would have loved to have.

I also took the time to check out the sunglasses, which I had never done before. I usually buy one pair every few years and purchase from, usually spending around $125. Although the LV sunglasses were significantly more ($510), I was surprised at how substantial they felt in comparison to what I currently have. This is one area that I will definitely revisit.

And of course, the bags! I saw the candy striped Speedy in pink and blue, which is cute. The pink is very girly and was featured with a charm on it that definitely suited the bag well. I also saw the new Nimbus in the blue-grey color ... this bag is divine and is light as a feather. They are also featuring a more structured bag (can't remember the name) that is like a charcoal-black patent with an almost crackle-looking finish due to the pattern on it -- price point just over $4K.

Of course, there were the usualy suspects too -- everything monogram, with multicolore and mini lin mixed in as well. There were a few amarante pieces -- one being the Brentwood, which I completely covet. And of course the classic damier pieces too. The men's section wasn't getting as much attention but the styles were classic and neat.

Of course a party wouldn't be a party without people watching. There was plenty to watch. There were a few men there with their trophy wives, although thankfully the wives didn't look young enough to be daughters. Not a horrific amount of bad plastic surgery although botox was quite prevalent -- in some men as well as women. Some of the dresses were so short they left little to the imagination, but in most cases everyone looked decent. There were swarms of SAs around, ringing up purchases, and a pretty good DJ which thankfully played some good music but not too loud that you couldn't hear the person next to you talk.

And the guy with the Bentley -- well, he did buy something for his wife, albeit with his green Amex (the horror -- not black or platinum! ;)). We were left wondering -- was he the real thing or a poseur? And was that Bentley his or just a rental for the night? We'll never know ...


Aug 13, 2007
Wow only a green amex huh ... hmmm I thought green amex were for business accounts ... maybe he bought for his boss ... LOL!


over the moon
Aug 8, 2007
wow, thanks for the post..i like your description!

i hope i someday get a chance to attend one of these