Review of my face contouring surgery done in Girin

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  1. I always had complex that I have mandible angles since when I was young.
    I visited Korea to get the facial bone contouring surgery during spring break.
    Now I am satisfied with my result.
    Here I share reviews for you guys who are interesting of facial bone coutouring surgery. :smile:
    I stayed in Ocloud hotel in Gangnam. I've been visited several plastic surgery clinic in Seoul to make compared.
    Finally my decision was to go to Girin plastic surgery because doctor has lots of experiences of coutouring surgery and i was comfortable that consultant and English tranlator didn't make up-selling for their profits.
    I regret that I always chewed gum when i was kid.
    Anyways, what I got surgery was incision of mandible angle and tied up for my malar(cheekbone).
    When I came back to LA, my family girls envied me that my face been naturally smaller and younger than before.
    Now I am back in to Korea for during summer break. I don't know what to do on my face again. Facial contouring surgery was too tough surgery to me.
    I am thinking about a cheek fat graft or breast augmentation surgery. Does anyone knows where I can get cheap price for breast augmentation? please let me know if anyone knows good deal.
    For sure i am going to visit Girin again for fat graft.
    In any case, If you have any questions, you can ask me or
    ask to Girin plastic surgery plastic dirctly.
  2. You regret chewing gum as a kid? did you develop too much jaw muscle or something? haha
    Anyways, what did you get done at Girin?
  3. Why do I feel like this is ********?
    1. Not detailed.
    2. There's no way someone from LA with limited vocabulary.

    If u're genuine then I apologize. I'm just putting it out there.

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