1. You know how guys go out and buy a Porsche when they have Midlife Crisis? I think all of my unnecessary impulse buy at Hermes might've been due to Quarter Life Crisis!:wtf:
  2. retail therapy.
  3. Just think of it this way...instead of having a huge full-on midlife crisis, when you do god-knows-what...we hermes fans, spread them out...over time, one long continuous glorious hermes one.
  4. Retail therapy is sooo for me.. Everytime I finished an exam... I always needs to stop somewhere and buy something.. It's my de-stress-ing time..

    Too bad there's no hermes in Columbus, and the Saks pretty much doesn't carry "new" stuff.. So I'm stuck purchasing stuff for my home.
  5. Hey, at least our bags increase in value over time!
  6. Vs the Porsche or Ferrari that drops 30% in value the minute you drive it out the showroom?:P

  7. so true! :nuts:
  8. LOL i'm just about to reach that point Kou!! Keep me from going crazy :smile:
  9. Hey Kou -- well, I guess I can write my purchases this year off to midlife crisis ....of course, I suppose it means that I expect to live to be 100!

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: