Revealed Satchel

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  1. I really like the Revealed Satchel, but couldn't find any modeling pics of it. Does anyone here have one? I'd love to hear how it compares with the Turner and the Asher, and see some real live pics. I think I like the Bluette color the best, partly because I prefer non-goldtone hardware.
  2. I think the shape is the same as avalon&turner. It looks like the revealed satchel has an exterior zipped pocket from the pictures, that is what drags me to this bag. I love my mini avalon, but I really prefer bags with exterior pockets for keys or cell phone.

    Revealed is a new style, so we haven't seen any "reveals" yet, however I am so sure we will see them soon!
  3. Well, we can have one very soon. My Obsessions had only one left in the Bluette color, and a code for 25% off today. Need I say more? LOL
  4. CONGRATS! Cannot wait to see your *revealed* reveal!
  5. Hey, that's pretty funny! I can't wait either, but I doubt it will get here before next week. Even if they send it out today, they're in NJ and I'm in ID....
  6. lol.. can wait for your reveal revealed..

    I got the nude last week... Love the leather! I think reveal is next on my list..still debating on color.. anyone seen a red?
  7. I haven't seen it in red, but it sounds wonderful. I've been very tempted by the nude as it looks like it will hold a bit more than the crossbody bags I currently have. And of course, it looks gorgeous! How is it size wise?
  8. ivy, Which col did you get your Nude in? I had the Grey in my cart so many times but never quite did it. Would love to see your pics.
  9. Sorry --off topic.. and dont want to take over your thread..

    I originally wanted a red one, but can't find it.. so I went for the white. It's perfect. It fits as much (if not more) RM's rocker does. I consider MAC to be big as a crossbody clutch bag.. and this is perfect for me. I will post pictures soon.