Reveal... when the heart wants what the heart wants...

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  1. Hello Ladies... here to reveal my NEW Gucci purchase.

    I have been eyeing this one for about a year, and was ready to purchase it on my holiday last year. Unfortunately, it was not available then, and when I went to browse war LV I got the chance to get the LE Twist MM from the Grace Coddington collection, which was reeeeally expensive, but I could not pass on that. I love that bag more than any of my other bags and have not, for one minute regretted to get it, but I could not stop thinking about the Gucci. Then for my Birthday I decided to part with some things I simply do not use as much as I should and put the funds towards something I love.

    Reveal Anybody?

    As this was not available at Gucci anymore I had to go to mytheresa... 20190206_173420.jpg
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  2. ... 20190206_173441.jpg
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  3. 20190206_173500.jpg
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  4. GG Marmont small Crossbody in the light raspberry velvet... probably the Mode beautiful shade of pink one can imagine. Not too bright but still a great Pop of colour 20190209_145411.jpg
  5. And colour blocking also might be a good idea with this shade, too 20190210_085415.jpg
  6. Gorgeous color! This is the perfect pink!
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  7. The perfect pop of color indeed! Glad you were able to find it. Congrats and enjoy!!
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  8. Thank you! That is why I could not get it out of my head. I do not own any pink bag yet and always wanted one, but it had to be THE PINK
    Thank you!!!!
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  9. Congratulations I love Gucci Velvet! The colour blocking outfits are definitely a great idea with this bag, such a cool fashion statement.
  10. What a beautiful color combination!!! :loveeyes:
  11. Lovely
  12. Thank you!
  13. Thx! Thats what I thought, too. I have a mustard coloured wool coat, cant wait to to that combo
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  14. Thank you
  15. The color blocking outfit looks really cute!
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