Reveal time! (finally!)

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  1. So, the recent price increase of the Roxanne and the chatter on tpf that the bays et all will probably be next got me thinking...I'll be in NYC next week, and I know Mulberry is cheaper on the other side of the big pond, but...
    the dollar is on the rise...
    mulberry NYC might not have what I want...
    prices might have gone up when I get back from new york...

    I really wanted this bag. So, I sort of decided to just get it, I mean, I've not been working at this crappy place (privat bank - bleh!) all summer just to pay for uni...

    Then one of my co-workers (secretary of the CEO) walked in friday (my last day at work) and started talking about how she'd heard I have a bays, that she'd just bought one too (a lovely soft grain black one) etc. We talked for over 30 minutes, looking at the mulberry website. I decided to go to mulberry during my lunch break, but I'd sort of forgotten about my dad's birthday on saturday, so I really had to get him a present and thus didn't have enough time to pop over to mulberry.

    So I went today and my baby was just sitting there on the shelf! Anyone know what it is? Have a guess...

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  2. Oak bays ! Oak bays!!
  3. I'm hoping you crossed something off your wish list (in your signature) and got an oak ledbury!
  4. Come on Graciella!! Do show us.. :graucho:
  5. Oak Ledbury! It's on your signature wish list....and based on the dimensions of the dust bag next to the Mulberry bag...
  6. This is mulberry strip tease!
  7. You are so right pixargirl, it's an oak ledbury! Waaaaaah I'm going crazy here! It's just the most lovely bag I've ever had. The size is just perfect for me, although it is quite small compared to the choc bays I've been toting non stop for almost 2 months now. The bays was a birthday present, and although I love her, this tiny piece of mulberry heaven in beyond lovely. The ledbury is soooo me!

    some more piccies, some are a bit blurry, sorry!

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  8. ^^ congrats! She looks gorgeous..:yahoo: its always great when you can knock something off your wishlist.
  9. Congratulations! You look awesome with her.
  10. I think I need to add some more mulberry to my wishlist...there was a gorgeous grey bays with silver h/w in goatskin in the store - I really wanted to take that one home too!

    The SA was lovely by the way, I was there with my mother, we were given coffee and cookies while my ledbury was wrapped. Just perfect!
  11. ^^ Sounds like a lovely day.. coffee, cookies and mulberry shopping - Ideal.
  12. ^^^ Gorgeous!!! My favourite!
  13. ^ your oak ledbury made me want one even more hula!
  14. Yay, many congrats, it looks gorgeous.

  15. Congrats! She is a cutie!!