Reveal, The Second: Banned What?

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  1. I never thought I'd wear a "larger" (that is such a relative word!) bag.... but let me give credit where credit is due: T-Girl got me thinking about a larger bag and whoops! - I slipped and fell down this slippery slope... first a large parker hippie and now this! *gasp*


    I got my large black zoe and matching wallet with the 20% off coupon! :yahoo:

    Soooo biiiig inside, I think I can hear my echo!


    Aaaand she escaped the factory outlet target stamp :huh: my lovely black ninja bag!


    I just gotta say I love love love this bag and can't wait to apple her up and take her out on the town :P This brings my zoe collection to 3 lovely bags!

  2. LOL I love the part you said you heard your echo! :lolots:

    Can't wait to see your modeling pictures!!
  3. Very pretty! Did you see any of the XL black editorial Zoes there?
  4. I had these two on hold and I didn't do any looking around because I was starving and hadn't had breakfast. So I can't say if they did or not :sad: I *thought* I saw a ginormous black leather zoe on a shelf, but I could have been mistaken.

    coco: I will take modeling pics tomorrow as I am scrubby and in my pj's right now. I'm 5'4" on a good day, so I want honest opinions if it looks like the bag is too big for me lol
  5. #5 Jul 20, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2009
    Thanks, I was just wondering if the price has gone down on the black XL leather editorial Zoe since I bought mine when they first hit the outlets.

    Congrats on yours, now you can fit a water bottle, magazine, big sunglasses in your new large Zoe!
  6. Very nice! What other colors Zoe do you have?

  7. There are 2 outlts in Mrytle Beach on HWY 501 and 17 ) as of Sunday they BOTH had XL editorials in BLACK only.
  8. I told T-Girl she was my worst enabler too. We could form a club. :biggrin:
  9. Very, very cute! Congrats!
  10. Medium patent berry and medium patent green with the matching wallet ^_^

    Thanks ladies! I haven't dared put anything in her yet other than the wallet, because I want to apple her first, but I cannot wait to see how much she can hold. Maybe even a hardcover book? :O And I love being able to carry a waterbottle. Helps me from drinking too much starbucks lol Wish I had sunglasses though :sad: I've got glasses and haven't gotten around to getting contacts again or perscription sunglasses. It's on the list.

    @oops: My mom is taking me to the RR outlets today so I can ask for you :biggrin: What colors are you curious about? Just the black leather?
  11. I love it. Congratulations,
  12. Oh, I always try to find ones that haven't been mutilated with the stamp on the creed! LOL

    She's beautiful, and we're bag/wallet twins too! Congrats!

  13. Gorgeous set, I love the lining!
  14. What a pretty Zoe!!!! We are bag twins (expect my girl is patent)! Congrats!
  15. me too!!
    excellent exaggeration! :P