REVEAL: Surprise Anniversary gift from SO!!!!

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  1. Today my SO said to me, "Lets take a ride" and I didn't think anything about it at first. Then I realized we were headed towards my favorite mall & wondered if he had something up his sleeve! LOL Turns out he wanted to get me the Chanel handbag I've been talking about for a while.....the Classic Flap M/L in black with GHW and Saks had one in stock! :yahoo:I have 4 other Chanel's, 3 Seasonal and one WOC all with SHW and I really wanted one with GHW to add to my collection. I'm so happy with this bag! I absolutely love the size for a day to night bag, and the luxurious feel of the lambskin!!! I can't wait to use it & think I'll take it out tomorrow for brunch :biggrin: (sorry the pics are kind of blurry, I'm not a very good photographer!)

  2. Wow congrats! Great bag!
  3. Congrats! Look great on you! What a sweet DH you've got. I love the look of puffy lambskin. :smile:
  4. Congrats on your beautiful new bag. What a special SO. Don't you just love surprises. Glad you are back. I miss seeing you in the Chanel Forum. Enjoy your beautiful new bag.
  5. :yahoo: This must have been a great way to celebrate your anniversary! Congrats on your beautiful bag and anniversary! The GHW looks so rich with the black!
  6. Aww! What a sweet DH!! Congrats on it, lambskin is definitely luxurious! Happy anniversary, the bag looks great on you!
  7. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful surprise, love surprises! She looks great on you. ;)
  8. What a fabulous surprise, very nice! Congratulations on your new fabulous bag and Happy Anniversary :biggrin:!
  9. wat a sweet SO!! congrats!! On the bag and for snatching such a sweetie!
  10. Thanks for all the kind words everyone! mlag724, I always love the Chanel forum but need to stay away sometimes or else I want too many things, haha!
  11. Congrats! Your SO is soooooo sweet, to surprise u!!
  12. Congrats, your SO is very sweet to surprise you! Enjoy and it looks beautiful on you!!!
  13. congrats!
  14. congrats!!
  15. Congrats!!! Your SO is wonderful