Reveal! I exchanged my Metallic Mini Classic Flap for this

  1. Hi everyone! I recently bought a Mini Classic Flap in Metallic Lambskin. I loved it but I noticed cracking/peeling on the bottom after a handful of uses and was quite upset. I know that Metallic lambskin is delicate but I never expected it to do that just within a month.

    Here are some pics of the mini



    Gladly my SA was very nice and offered a return. Since it was my very first Chanel, I still wanted a Chanel item in the end so this is what I ended up getting.

  2. squee! open it!
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  3. This is precisely the issue my sweet SA warned me about with metallics...cracking and chipping. Can't wait to see what you chose!!
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  4. I waited for another mini or a black boy caviar WOC (and had to be magnetic because I refuse to buy the snap closure WOCs) and I also stalked the "where have you seen" forum. An SA in Honolulu had a boy magnetic WOC in stock but not in black. After contemplating a couple days, I asked if she still had it and she did so I purchased it over the phone.

    Here it is, Boy WOC with magnetic closure in calfskin.

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  5. What a gorgeous colour! Beautiful congrats! This bag will wear so much better than the metallic
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  6. Great choice! Love the color---Congrats!!!
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  7. Oo it's gorgeous!! Love the color.
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  8. boy woc!!! Congrats!
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  9. Stunning color!
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  10. I think I remember a big thread in the Shopping forum where a tPFer had purchased the same bag in London, but she returned it because she didn't want to risk it peeling because it's so delicate.
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  11. So pretty! Congrats on your new WOC!

    I also had the same problem with the metallic lambskin. I got a card holder in metallic lambskin (same color like yours) and I haven't even used it and I had the same issue you had.. As much as I love the look of it, I decided to get something else.
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  12. Love your new WoC! Congrats!
  13. Congrats. It's beautiful.
  14. Love the color!
  15. Such a Handsome Boy!!!
    How much did u get it for? ?
    I'm so glad the magnatic version came out! But i too suppose it would probably cost a little more than the Classic button ones?