Reveal - Gabrielle in grey!

Feb 8, 2009
95910614-FD08-4C84-9D1E-13CDD3D88760.jpeg D9BC95DD-D062-48C6-8B84-1E2546827D70.jpeg 13F394AC-CAED-4E64-B344-E87F2070846B.jpeg I have been away from Chanel for a while. I noticed this style when it first came out and liked it already. I was hoping for a taupe/grey to add to my collection sometime in the future.
Recent passing of Karl Lagerfeld lead me to call my SA to inquire about current inventory. I asked if they have any grey and she said yes! I went to check it out and fell in love instantly.
Presenting my medium size Gabrielle in grey.


Can I bathe in them?
Mar 31, 2007
You are very kind, and quick too! I love your organization, beyondbeing. The Gabrielle looks like it has a nice structure and pockets to make organization easier.
Thank you so much for sharing your exciting purchase and interior photos!!

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I took a few quick shots upon your request. I usually carry: a full size wallet, key pouch, a small cosmetic bag, a phone. Comparing to a classic jumbo, the Gabrielle medium has more room. Hope this helps.