Reveal from the Valentino sale

  1. Thank you!!!
  2. i am in total love with that bag, lucky you!
  3. Thanks! It is awesome; I'm lucky to have it.

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  4. Excellent splurge!
  5. Oh boy! What can I say about your exquisite pieces, I'm tongue tied and just staring at these amazing pieces of art! These are really beautiful, the shoes and the bag.
  6. Thanks!

    Thank you I appreciate that. I totally agree-I consider my Valentinos works of art :smile:

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  7. Nice haul! Congrats
  8. Thanks!

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  9. Oh my god. TO. DIE. FOR. Does the D'Orsay make it harder to walk in?
  10. No, they are very comfortable as are all my V shoes. They are a bit higher, so I wouldn't walk a mile in them as I do with my lower ones and weges, but great for events.:smile: