❤️ Reveal from Paris ❤️

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  1. Dear girls,

    After 2 classic flaps, 2 classic wocs and one mini, I decided it is time for something more like a work bag.
    Offcourse, it has to be in my colors, black or beige

    I was always trying to find something from Chanel in this size and shape, and the other day when I was asking a SA to show me some necklaces I noticed wonderful bag and asked her if it comes in black or beige.

    She said yes and that two are available in Avenue Montaigne and only one in Galeries Lafayette.
    Offcourse I couldn’t concentrated on the necklace anymore and went straight to A. Montaigne.

    A SA showed me the bag and the first one was really bad, one side of the bag was totally different kind of leather then the other side.
    She brought me the new one and it was perfect.
    I am not sure what leather it is, but you will see pics, tell me if you know.

    Also, after that I went to Rue Cambon and finally decided to buy a classic necklace.
    Hope to wear it a long time and hope you girls like my new bag and necklace as I do
    IMG_4715.JPG IMG_4723.JPG IMG_4742.JPG IMG_4744.JPG IMG_4746.JPG IMG_4748.JPG IMG_4752.JPG
  2. Congrats on your gorgeous and classic pieces!
  3. Beautiful bag and necklace! :tup:
  4. Thank you dear ladies!!
  5. I love reveals from Paris. Congrats on your classic beauties!
  6. Very nice!
  7. Welcome back!
    Hope you had a great time!
    What a beautiful find!!!
    Congratulations @Zucnarf :love:

    Love your new bag and necklace :hbeat:

    Cross over to the even more dangerous zone: Has your NY trip been fruitful for the ‘orange’ matter??? :graucho:
    Did you find your size??? :yes:
  8. Congratulations on your new goodies - great bag and necklace!
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  9. :congrats: on both items dear @Zucnarf ....both are totally GORGEOUS. I was looking at chanel totes a while back & I think your leather is calfskin (as it resembles a few that I saw & they were calfskin) Enjoy! :party: :cloud9:
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  10. Congrats on your beautiful bag and necklace!
  11. Very nice.. Congrats again
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  12. Congrats ! Enjoy your new beauties
  13. Thank you dear LavenderIce

    Thank you so much!

    Thank you dear aki_sato so much!
    I wasn’t here a while but now I am

    Unfortunatelly no orange fruit in NY, not even Paris!
    I hope to be happy with this one too

    Thank youuuu!

    My dear ️Kendie, thank you so much!!!
    I also think it is calfskin but wasn’t sure.
    I wish it also comes in shade of beige.
    If you ever see something in this style, please let me know

    Dear Bibi, thank you so much!

    Dear Stephanie, thank you!!

    Thank you, hope I will
  14. Classy. Love both pieces. :heart::heart::heart:
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  15. Thank you