Reveal........from Montreal .

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  1. Just got back from our vaca and stopped at the LV store before going back home.
    My hubby bought me a birthday gift. LOVE her :heart: I'm 5" 1 the crossbody lenght is a little long so I plan as wearing it on the shoulder might still wear it crossbody.

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  2. Great bag!
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  3. Congrats!
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  4. Thank you :smile:
  5. Very nice, enjoy!
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  6. Congrats :smile: it’s a beauty. Happy birthday :flowers:
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  7. Great bag! :tup:
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  8. This was my first time in a LV store , I was so excited !!!! lol :nuts::heart:
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  9. I tried the Graceful and could not decided between the two. My hubby ,my daughter and the SA liked the NeoNoe better on me. I felt like it was more comfortable then the Graceful PM . The graceful was kinda of going up to much under my arm and I was afraid the shoulder strap could be falling off my shoulder to much.
  10. Mono with black is my fave!
  11. great LV - congrats!
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  12. Beautiful looking classic! Congrats and enjoy!!
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  13. Beautiful! Congratulations! She’s next on my list!
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  14. Thank you :smile: are you getting it in black also?
  15. I think I have my heart set on a neonoe as my next bag, i love that the mono with the black! I hope you get a ton of wear out of it! :heart:
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