Reveal: Exposed Stud Hobo

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  1. I received my Exposed Hobo today :yahoo:! Treesje did it again! I absolutely love the tiny studs, the design of this bag, and the leather is so yummy! Most of the Treesje bags I own have a glaze or shine to them. This is the first bag (other than the Timoro, which is highly distressed) that is in a matte leather. It's so beautiful! Even the matte leather has a very subtle sheen to it, which I love. The bag is quite big, but when you fill it, it slouches nicely, and the size doesn't seem so overwhelming. It opens really wide, which makes for easy access, and I am enjoying the magnetic closure. I really like the strap, it's so comfortable on shoulder. The front pockets are really a nice touch and quite deep, perfect for keys, cell phone, etc. I will take modeling shots tomorrow. I can't wait to use it! It's already filled and ready to go! :yahoo:

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  2. wow!! absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
  3. That is sooooo GORGEOUS!!! How low does it drop when you sling on? Do you have modelling pics?
  4. This is so cute!! I really like this!! Can we see modeling pics please???
  5. :tup: Very beautiful. Congrats!
  6. Congrats, azgg, that's gorgeous! Also, is it me, or is the gold hardware brushed? Either way, love your new bag, it's stunning! The combination of the quilting/pleating and tiny studs is really just amazing...
  7. Beautiful!! I have this on my want list. Please post modeling pics tomorrow.
  8. So gorgeous! Congrats!
  9. OMG!!!!!!!!!! You must post mod shots.. PRETTY PLEASE!!!!
    I love this bag and have been dying to see it on a real person.
  10. That is a gorgeous bag!! Can't wait to see modeling pictures!
  11. OMG!!! SO PRETTY.. I love every single of these with small stud leather in the spring collection. Can't wait to see more pictures!!!!
  12. I LOVE it!!!!! Does this come in any other color besides black or white?
  13. Love it!!
  14. congrats!!
  15. Gorgeous! Ok....gotta know about the closure flap. My Haze bag had a foldover sort of flap but it never closed correctly or smmothly and when they bag slouched the flap buckled and looked awkward. This looks smooth on yours but do you have to manipulate it into looking like that? Is it an easy opena nd **** or does it have to be worked? Oh wow.....I wish they did this in a zipper top. I love it.