Reveal - couldn't stop myself.

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  1. I am so into this Gucci line at the moment. It is oh so feminine and if they bring it out in a short strap shoulder bag I will be in more trouble. :biggrin: So I purchased the large leather pouch, OMG so gorgeous, to use as a clutch.

    Lets get started...

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  2. Any guesses?

    Some more pics perhaps?

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  3. Stunning clutch! I saw that last week at the boutique and was drooling over all their flora pieces!
  4. Yay!!! More Flora! It's gorgeous! I've been eyeing one of these myself. Congrats!
  5. gorgeous :smile:
  6. Thanks. They are just so pretty. Someone was also checking these out when I was in the store, I was having heart palpatations that it was going to go before I could get my mits on it… :P

    These pouches are just so handy. I will post pics of what it can hold soon. Love the different uses this can be put to. :graucho:

    Thank you. :smile:
  7. Beautiful. I love the floral mural...:heart:
  8. :woohoo:

    Lovely! pretty as a picture, but so much more useful :biggrin:
  9. Totally gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!
  10. Would love to see that it can hold! Which size did you get?
  11. Your wish is my command lol

    I got what Gucci calls the large 25 x 14 x 4 cms.

    So here is what I have been playing around with:
    LV mini pochette - compact powder, breath mints and lip balm
    LV MC cles
    LV MC 4 key holder
    Mobile phone

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  12. Gorgeous, and it holds quite a lot.
  13. Sorry I forgot to include in the description my LV MC card holder - holding cash and cards
  14. Next combo:

    Gucci Flora small wallet
    LV MC 4 key holder
    compact, breath mints and lip balm
    mobile phone.

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  15. Thank you

    Thank you, yes its very useful I can't wait for her debut.