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  1. Hi All,

    It’s been a while since my last reveal :smile:
    Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate it :flowers::heart:
    This reveal is picture heavy and includes a few non-Chanel purchases. Please don’t mind them :blush:
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  2. Waited for better lighting and did a comparison of the two different shades of pink. Each is beautiful in its own way :love:
    A84180CA-6177-4D6D-AE97-63D3626FE31F.jpeg 17E0FA8E-C07F-482F-A4C9-CA9BC8C944C5.jpeg

    Attached Files:

  3. More pink purchases :girlsigh::hbeat:
    F8265EE9-4AEE-423B-A1FF-1A90B6219EA7.jpeg 41EB8F4A-5F0B-41EA-885F-579828C9A5F2.jpeg 18F18A6E-273A-4256-BE53-2F4EB47A8104.jpeg B6F4DB3C-569B-4DCB-8D6B-23C990EBFEF2.jpeg
  4. Cruise tops :heart:
    0A5B96B3-487E-4D85-9D79-8EF458B33329.jpeg 186CCE80-1416-4361-B7ED-5F57070DF7CF.jpeg C0A94399-7BD8-40EA-A207-050C152E6DF7.jpeg C6C9DF7D-50A3-4AE8-B459-1C603D1A866B.jpeg 530C4399-974D-4DBB-8470-24007AE04BB8.jpeg 2D4BFDDE-CC1E-4E9B-AF19-2BAB5DC0BA9D.jpeg
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  5. Tiffany blue jumbo from Cruise Collection :love::love::love:

    626A0B7E-E32F-4AC4-86E1-BBFEB1D5978C.jpeg 0308C1BE-9F3F-44AB-8EFF-37829320EEC5.jpeg 444BED2D-2570-44A7-9E32-336CFA487DBC.jpeg CA4BE5A4-82B3-4D73-862E-EEC5FC860411.jpeg 2F46391C-7F2E-4607-AE37-030971071396.jpeg
  6. My only sale purchase and of course it had to be a brooch :giggle::blush: :heart:

    F1A8778F-BB05-4B53-9860-D543BCE8CB18.jpeg AD25A050-6A9B-48C9-84E8-C61B24568306.jpeg

    Glad that I didn’t miss out on the pretty Christmas packaging :loveeyes:
    CE7320C0-0404-4908-B7BB-5388F6903C24.jpeg 632CCAD7-DA26-4F75-BD76-C5B8D4F58A75.jpeg 8DCC6F22-607B-46BF-A414-2C57BA148D11.jpeg C6101B8C-EAFB-40CE-8FF0-6E24995C9576.jpeg
  7. Pink jumbo from Cruise Collection :hbeat::hbeat:

    EB9299C4-2FB6-41A2-BDE6-0BADEFA1EDB5.jpeg 00967322-9E87-435D-B6B2-20423B716ADD.jpeg 230A565C-1978-4AA5-B946-F76BD8BFCE0E.jpeg F41C2600-1F16-4CCA-B782-D78E95CAD86F.jpeg
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  8. Brooch from Spring Act 1 :love::hbeat:
    Can’t wait for Spring Act 2 :heart:

    479095C2-03A6-436E-8AC0-5746AD544B92.jpeg 590BDB92-C220-438D-95D1-552586E5F7C5.jpeg
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  9. Wow! Love all the amazing photos! Beautiful and stunning pieces you’ve added to your fabulous collection! Huge congratulations to you my love!! Have a blessed weekend and Happy New Year
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  10. So in love with these comfy RV sneakers :girlsigh::love::girlsigh::love:

    34A20431-7025-4302-968F-FC47B43BD973.jpeg E4109691-BBAF-4198-BB55-A91497251DA8.jpeg 804643EE-ECE6-4768-A411-3239B7621808.jpeg
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  11. Rodeo charms are addicting :giggle::facepalm::hbeat:

    FF72B0D1-49A9-46C6-9720-9AE1BD6E5FC2.jpeg 7FA5EEE0-3F57-4277-AD07-731F322A677B.jpeg F312DD4F-C116-49FC-9B47-0A559E08A9B9.jpeg 49228D2D-FE35-43D6-A3D0-C8F2B35CC696.jpeg E5A53181-D401-406D-8DBA-7143AB2FB5F5.jpeg BA5EFCEF-791A-47B8-A740-036A02F92D9E.jpeg 0533B9FE-9CE5-43D2-8143-C187497E8240.jpeg CD3D97FC-8B6A-45E1-B721-8B9D49778B13.jpeg 44F4BE27-9AA4-4986-A0FB-2EAA791A6E5E.jpeg
  12. These are from my wonderful and sweet Cartier SA :love::love::love::heart::heart::heart:

    48F6F477-6658-4BA5-905E-69C745F2DB3F.jpeg F5035114-A177-495E-99DF-5B4557AAF4E6.jpeg 23221231-35B2-4D21-8850-E655CEBB5DEF.jpeg EC677C90-EF87-4442-97B5-FC9D23B8E8BC.jpeg

    Thank you so much for letting me share!!!
    Wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous new year :heart::flowers::heart::drinks:
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  13. Wow!!!! Amazing items!!! Congrats!!!
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  14. Wow! Everything is amazing. Enjoy it all! :smile:
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