REVEAL: Black GGH City ---- Woohoo!!


Love is Love is Love
Apr 19, 2007
In the moment
I know this may not be the most exciting reveal due to the fact that we've seen so many Black GGH bags already but I am super excited to introduce y'all to my newest bag.

I know it seems like I reveal Bal bags here quite frequently but I don't have a big collection at all. It has been such a hard process for me to find Bal bags that work for me. So, lot's of trial and error for me!

Right now I have two Bal bags that I will for sure be keeping. I'm so thrilled to have finally found "the ones"!! One is an Anthra Medium Sunday and the other is my new 2009 Black GGH City. The leather on this bag is so incredible! It's not very veiny AT ALL. It's pretty smooth, puffy and thick! I can't get over how thick this leather is.. I love it. I don't like the thinner leathers, make me worry about too much.

Anyway, here she is!

(the Bal "do not remove" tag is still on because I was waiting for another one to come, in so I could compare the two, and then decide which one I wanted better. Turns out my original bag was definitely the best one!!)

Mar 19, 2008
Pacific Northwest
Congradulations LR! The leather looks absolutely yumminess!! I am the same, I tried and error(ed) some Bals and now I am with my favourite FOUR and I can never part with any of them!!