Reveal!! And I was supposed to be banned for a few months!!

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  1. So I have one hobo, a Metis that I adore, but multiple speedies and b's, totes, and crossbody bags too. I use my Metis hobo A LOT. I went into the boutique on a whim and was just browsing. I normally do not care for hobos, but was checking them out. I preordered a delightful mm in DE and got it right when they were released. I returned it the next day, because the strap didn't stay on my shoulder and I just wasn't in love with it. That was the only other time I tried a hobo. Which hobo do you think I ended up bringing home???
  2. Duomo hobo?

  3. Nope, they didn't have one in the store surprisingly. If I keep loving hobos this much, that might get added to my list though!
  4. Caissa hobo??? I love my Metis too, and that is my next hobo...
  5. I want to know!
  6. Caissa hobo?
  7. Delightful azur
  8. Yep. It's beautiful!
  9. I looked at the cassia,but it just wasn't for me. I liked the artsy and Gaia, but I needed a definite shoulder bag.
  10. I ended up with the delightful mm in mono! I know it's not a very unique bag, but I completely surprised even myself with this one. I absolutely love it too. The vachetta strap stays on my shoulder better than the DE did. Never thought I would get this bag or even gave it a second glance until I saw it on someone out "in the wild" lol. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462990649.299585.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462990633.661340.jpg
    Not quite sure about the charm... It drives me crazy when it's attached and I smacked my son on the head with it when I turned around already. I don't usually care for luggage tags but might put a small one one it if I can get a green hot stamp!
  11. She's beautiful sweetie, Congrats!
  12. Lovely bag, congratulations!
  13. Good choice! I did buy the DE and it has proven to be very uncomfortable and I am now having the worst shoulder pain. It's softened up a little, but not nearly enough. My old mono Delightful GM is so much more comfortable!

  14. Thanks

    Thank you!!

    I was so disappointed when I got the DE because I loved the way it looked on, but it just didn't work out. I don't know why I never thought to check out the mono. I just kind of wrote it off after the DE. I think I would like the strap still to be a little thinner. That would help it stay on, but I think because vachetta softens so much I won't have a problem those zippers on the old GM are awesome! I wish they would have brought that back for the new GM. The new GM is so big, it just needs the extra detail. I would have definitely got GM with zippers if they still made it like that!!
  15. :heart::heart::heart: Congrats!