Reveal 2

  1. I'm cracking up with y'all thinking I am tall.
    My Stams are huge on me. I thought everyone knew.
    Here is a regular pic, me with no heels and I think the mirror is sitting straight.
    I mean, look how wide that stam is on me! :lol::lol::lol:
  2. Sooo cute, I want one now!
    Congrats :]
  3. You *still* look tall and skinny! Wow I guess you have really good posture! Nas, you could curl up and fit inside of one your Stams I bet!
  4. Thanks!!!!

    you are good for my ego. :smile:
    I know! They really are a little big, but that's alright. I'll suffer. :roflmfao:
  5. :greengrin::lol: Thanks!!!! I post things and later look at them and would die with embarrassment if anyone I know ever sees them.

    I don't know why the bags are different. I tried to "form" mine into that triangle shape and it won't even come close to staying like that. Mine stays square, which is good. If it was like the picture, it would be too small.
  6. I love the square look, and since I'd have to buy online, I generally go by the information from this forum (such an enabler lol). I love big bags, and didn't even consider how small it would be if the triangle shape was on the one I buy. That is something to think about!
  7. It is definitely not a big bag, even in a square. I can't use my organizer in it. It won't snap on top if I do. And with it snapped, it looks lots smaller.
    But I am keeping it because it looks sooooo cute, it feels like a dream, and it is super easy to carry and very lightweight. :smile:
  8. Here is a size comparison with a regular Stam:
    stam lindy size comparison.jpg