Returns And 25% Discount

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  1. if You Have A Return Without A Receipt Can You Use The Coupon On An Item That You Exchange The Return For?
  2. I was told you could return something, but you can't use the coupon again.
  3. i would think so, cause it would be like store credit
  4. You just can't use the coupon more than one time.
  5. oh wait, did you already use the coupon on the first item?
  6. I used the coupon on Saturday & the cashier gave it back to me "just in case I wanted to make another purchase before the end of the week". Very nice.
  7. I wonder if she's new? Card always says good for only one transaction..and everytime I use one all the SAs at the store are always like "are you sure you don't want anything else because you can only use this once"
  8. Pursefanatic85I used the coupon on Saturday & the cashier gave it back to me "just in case I wanted to make another purchase before the end of the week". Very nice.

    My SA (who is also the manager of the store) told me that she would let people use the discount all week (those that know of the PCE in the first place). She said that they are now allowing people to use the coupon multiple times. She had said that they used to take the coupon after 1 transaction, but now it's more open. I went in early on Friday to make a purchase, and then later I decided I wanted to get something else. So I went back into the store and they gave me the discount on my second sale, no problem.

  9. I went in today to pick up a few things and my SA gave me my PCE card back...
    she said I could re-use it up until the 10th.
  10. thanks, maybe i will ask for the 25% coupon and get the satchel
  11. :shocked: after reading all of your posts!

    the cards are strictly one transaction only. and we'd put stuff on hold, in case you wanted to bring a friend by, or haven't made up your mind yet.

    i hope those stores know what they're doing! because each store has only 25 cards in stock that are extra, technically we're suppose to take them back once its been used.

    -__________- i know my managers made sure i knew it was only once.

    and the twenty five cards are for those who forgot, or those who knew about it, but for some reason didn't recieve the invitation.
  12. I could only use mine once. You were in the right place at the right time. As long as I didn't pick up my merchandise (pre-sale) the girls said they would add items on.
  13. In my store, We are allowing people to keep the card. My store manager is letting us (associate/assistant managers) tell the girls when they ring to ask if they have any friends/relatives or if they themselves want to use the card again.
  14. so frustrating for me.........i went into the boutique here in san jose and asked about the event........the SA asked if i had my card and i said i did not receive one but my info had been taken and i had made a purchase just i month ago.....when i asked about being part of the event at that time.....(while in the store), she did not offer and stated you had to be on the list.
    i left very disapointed,,especially after hearing all of you here on the PF. talk :sad:about just mentioning the event to be able to get the 25% off.
  15. no offense, unless it was done in the pre-sale or beat the crowd i doubt that your store manager would say so if your DM or RM was there.

    i wouldn't do it anyways, neither does anyone in my store including the store manager even if Lew himself didn't visit us, along with a bunch of corporate people, and the regional manager, district, and of course we also had a visit from VP of visuals John Wong...

    but they did

    and it was during recently, with the PCE event still rolling..

    and cathi, that just shows that that SA was following the guidelines, but they could have been flexible and let you because we don't encourage SAs to 'invite' people but if someone did know, and maybe was invited b/4 but isn't now...or some other reason, we'll alert the manager and let the manager decide.

    it's all based on discretion. i'm surprised they didn't let you in san jose though! i remembered someone mentioning they didn't have it but they were going to get 'hooked up' anyways? and it was a san jose store?

    try some in san francisco if you're there anyways? it's until the 10th, the event.

    and if a SA ever says no, just ask a manager and see, ya'never know.

    and we didn't

    not because we want to be mean. but that's the way the system is set up, to make it so that it is still 'special'