1. i was a big fan of Coach for the past couple of years and switched to LV...i have been still aware of coach styles...

    now i think i'm back! :yahoo:
  2. Hi Rensky....welcome back:smile:
  3. Welcome back - we'll be happy to help you rebuild an obsession with Coach!
  4. welcome back! That is the same thing that happened to me! I am back to coach!
  5. welcome!!! glad you've come back!
  6. :party: i really like the chocolate brown signature bags!! but a lot of them r sold out!
  7. hey rensky - just wanted to pick your brain.

    I've been lately contemplating a return to Coach too, but I can't really pinpoint the reason why. Do you know why you decided to return?

    Feel free to PM me! Thanks dear!

    P.S. Now that you mention this love for chocolate brown Coach - now I know why you love Damier so much!!
  8. Rensky, glad to see you over here too!

    Jadecee, I like LV too and switch back and forth frequently. I think for me, Coach has alot more "fresher" styles. Sure it may be more seasonal than LV, but I think if you like to switch around alot, it's a bit cheaper to do so with Coach.
  9. jadecee: for some reason i am always attracted to dark brown-colored bags! the chocolate-brown type if u know what i mean..damier is still my favorite..but i think i've ran out of styles i want from the damier line..on the other hand i think i am plastered by the price increases :crybaby:don't get me wrong, i still love LV..but i can't justify for the price! in my experience with coach, they are actually of a pretty high quality and i dont really care whether they're made in china or not because i don't look at the tags..i enjoy the bag for what it is..and i must admit that i have beaten my coach bags like mad and they stood up pretty well! plus, a lot of the regular coach designs are pretty young-looking, that's why i have found the newer colorful bags attractive to me! but for coach, i only like the signature lines..hopefully i can get my hands on one soon!

    krispin: i also like to change my bags around..and i do get tired of using the same bag over and over again! im glad to see u over here too! and i do agree that coach bags are "fresher" looking compared to LV...i baby my LV bags a lot..and i don't have to for the coach bags because of the material! i hate seeing "stretch marks" on my LV bags..they make me feel "fat" KWIM..:graucho:
  10. nice to see you!
  11. ^^ thanks!!!
  12. *****hugs***********
  13. **dances**