returning to JAX

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  1. i bought a couple bags over the phone from JAX, and i want to return them. i can't seem to find the shipping receipt, i assume there was one, but i don't remember it. is that needed if you are sending it back via the mail? can they look the order up to give me a refund? also how long do returns take? thanks!
  2. Is there any way you can get to the boutique and just return them there?? it'll be easier for you.
  3. I would call and ask them, they should be able to look it up!
  4. bump...nobody has done this without a receipt/packing slip? the woman on the phone was so unhelpful.
  5. What did she say?
  6. she said if i sent it back to them they couldn't look it up. that sounds ridiculous to me. she didn't sound like she knew what she was talking about.
  7. I would call back angain and ask them if they can send a duplicate receipt or something.
  8. Well, what were you going to send to have them look it up? Was the lady on the phone able to see the order from your last name and zip code? If so have her give you the order number so you can write it on the box. The return shipping label would have had that information on it to help them process the return. I have never done a return to Jax though, but CS should be able to lookup the order number for you.