Returning things to Saks.

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  1. Hello. I don't know which forum this belongs to [MODS, please feel free to move this to an appropriate forum], so I am just posting it here.

    I am wondering how I can recoup the shipping fee when I make a return.

    I bought a Burberry trench coat from The description clearly said that it had a "zip out" warmer. The one I received had a "button out" warmer instead. The coat looks decent enough, so I was trying to overlook it, but the button thing really does bother me a lot.

    Do you think that is enough to persuade Saks to refund me the shipping as well or am I out of luck? The shipping was $26.50 by the way and while it is not A LOT of money, the fact that they sent me the wrong one irks me.

  2. If there's an error in the item description, you are owed the shipping cost back. If an SA balks ask for a manager or find the CS desk :flowers:
  3. ^^Thank you so much! I plan on printing out the description page when I return it to the store.
  4. ^ That's a smart thing to do. I buy most of my clothing, jewelry, etc. from Saks and I never have a problem. If you do have a problem with the SA definitely ask for the manager. Hopefully they will clear up all problems for you. Good luck!
  5. I think it is very likely that they will refund the shipping charges as well since the item that was sent to you was not what you thought you were purchasing. If this is something that you purchased online, though, you might want to try to contact the online customer service - they might have more authority to refund the shipping charges. They may even send you a pre-paid return label so that you don't have to make a trip to the store.
  6. ^^I actually prefer to go to the store as it is only 5 minutes from my place,:yes: so I don't have to wait until the refund is processed. The only reason I ordered online is b/c the store did not carry it and they are pretty slow w/ ordering stuff. I wanted to wear it to a function next week so I guess I was a bit impatient!

    I talked to the online CS guy and he said he'd "check" with the warehouse to see if they sent the right one and will "email me" when he has a new info. WTH. I am officially breaking up with Saks Fifth if they don't give me the full refund. With all the fiasco with the Chanel bag, and now this, I just think I have a bad karma with the store!
  7. ^^I odered Louboutins on-line and were damaged/defective. I returned them to the store and complained and got refunded the shipping.