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  1. Hi Ladies-Can you please confirm if I can return the on sale bag to store? I read online that sale items can be returned within 15 days of purchase. I think it is for online order only. I am not sure about store policy. I really regret buying the Capri and want to return it since I don't think I need it and I did overspend these past two weeks. Can someone tell me if it is refundable??:crybaby:
  2. awwww I'm sorry your not happy with it. Did you got it from the store or online? For stores all sales are final... and online returns are within 15 days..
  3. If you bought it in store there is absolutely no way they will let you return it. They make you sign on the reciept at point of sale.

    I'm really sorry darl.
  4. YEP...No returns on sale items
  5. I think all sales are final, no exchange or return. If you bought it from Gucci Boutique. That what I found from my receipt. I was wondering if you can return items that you ordered at Saks, Nordstrom or NM over the phone?? Can you return it if you dont like it???
  6. try...u can always get around regulations

    :smile: if u have a regular sa im sure she will do something for u!

  7. :crybaby:I don't have a regular SA...thanks for your advise anyway:sad:
  8. does your receipt say final sale stamped in red on it?

    I bought 2 bags during the sale, the one presold to me has the stamp but the bag that i bought when i picked up my presold item doesn't have that stamp.... maybe that means something?
  9. You can always try returning it. What is the worst thing that can happen they say no. It is worth a try you have nothing to lose.
  10. if you bought it online you have 15 days but i think you have to send it back, i don't think you can go in the store. good luck!
  11. Sorry this has happened.. I don't think they will let you return it, because the receipt has the red stamp saying that all sales are final, but if you can manage to persuade them, or find a nice SA, they might be able to.. If not, then if you must get your money back, you could sell it online, I'm sure TPFers would be interested! Good luck!
  12. sorry..I know this is a big favor to ask, but does anyone know a nice SA in SCP would help me return this Capri bag? Much appreciated! :sweatdrop:
  13. Well, you can always try! :angel:Just be really kind and say that you are really sorry for the return, but you can't help it. I have managed (once) to return a bag to Gucci store without my regular SA. Of course, with the receipt without red stamp and in it's original packing. They were really helpful and kind, understood the situation. But maybe that's for Europe only?
  14. just an update for you ladies who gave me advises: I failed on my attemp to return to the store, they told me "no return for sale item":crybaby:Now I really need to find a buyer on my own.

    what a great lesson to learn! Impulsive shopping is BAD! (Especially for final sale items)

  15. I totally empathize with you.. the last 2 times I have purchased something at the Gucci sale just because it was on sale.. Each time I listed on eBay. With the eBay fees, I didnt' get the full amount back the first time but at least I was able to recoup most of my money. Good Luck.
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