? returning Gucci bag via mail...safe

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  1. I have to return the gucci I bought at Saks. I live far away (2 hours from saks) and don't want to travel. I spoke to a SA and she said I can send it but just have someone sign for it. Anyone do a gucci return via mail? Do you think its safe?
  2. I have returned items to saks via fedex. I would definately advise to insure the package for what you paid. Also make sure to include a photocopy of your receipt. Hold on to the original. I just returned some chanel belts and the customer service rep said that I had ot put the receipts in the box. I know for sure I did. I am glad I kept the original.

  3. Can I ask what you are going to return?
  4. jrw118,
    I am returning a guccissma off white tote, its just too big of a bag. I don't know what I was thinking.
  5. jrw118 ,
    Will they accept a photocopy of the original receipt in the box? I can always send original and keep a copy for myself. I want to make sure my return has no problems. I guess any record will be better then none , right? What would you do?
  6. In my experience, the best thing to do is keep a copy of the receipt, insure for the purchase amount, and make sure you have a tracking # - that way you can follow the return all the way to the store and also see who signed for it. I recently returned a Prada and Gucci to Saks via UPS, noticed it wasn't showing up on my account, but I knew who signed for it, etc., so I called the store, the SA tracked it down, and the box had been set aside in receiving. I think it's safe via mail as long as you have insurance and documentation.
  7. Thanks for the tips! Do you think I should label on the box, Attn: Gucci Dept
  8. Yes, definitely. I found out that if you also know the SA name, it gets there faster.
  9. I called the store and the women said put Attn: customer service. So, off I go to mail it off. Thanks.