Returning a bag

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  1. Hi,

    I never returned anything before at LV, because I'm so picky and do enough research that I always know exactly what I want before I enter the store. But now I received a bag as a gift, which is not really for me, it's a beautifull bag but it just doesn't fit my style. I did not even opened the box, I only checked the receipt and looked up the bag online and I already knew it's not for me. So it is brand new unopened and untouched in the carrier bag.

    Now I'm in Europe and the closest store is a 2 hour drive away, we can exchange within 30 days but I have no idea if it's possible to get my money back. Otherwise I'm gonna be stucked with a huge credit note and I don't really want anything for that amount from LV at this moment. I really don't know what to do?
  2. Hello I don't see you having a problem getting your cash back if it's less than 14days. Call first to check the policy there. Good luck
  3. It depends on the legislation of your country. In some countries, store credit is your only option other than an exchange. In other countries, you can get reimbursed, you can exchange, or you can select a store credit.
  4. It's still within the 14 days, unfortunately they will only exchange it for a credit note.
  5. That's unfortunate op. Have you thought about selling the credit note for cash. Just a thought.
  6. I called the store and my only option is a store credit, I'm not sure if I keep the bag and try to sell it myself but I have no experience with that and I don't want to get scammed.
  7. I'm asking around my friends if they are planning an LV purchase if so that I could let them use the credit note for some discount, I hope that works out. I know it's the rules but it's an untouched bag and I would really just prefer the money because this is also extra work for me and I also have to plan a day to drive and make the exchange.
  8. Why can't you find something else to get at Louis Vuitton? There are thousands of items. Since this was a gift, you're not out any of your own money. Unless you are desperate for cash... in that case I would sell the bag.
  9. I hope it works out in your favor.
  10. I like a few things but I can't reach the amount that the credit note would be worth, not desperate for cash either I just really don't know what to pick out (luxury problem I know).
  11. Take your girlfriends along with you and treat them to a few goodies! Problem solved!
  12. Thank you :flowers: