Return Receipt USPS Question

  1. (hope this is the right place to post's my first thread)

    i bought a fake gucci from eBay without knowing it. after i won it, i posted the pictures here and found out it was a fake. i waited until i received it to confirm that it was a fake, then contacted the seller. his eBay listing said i had 3 days to ask him for a refund if i was unsatisfied. i didn't want to mess with paypal bc from what i read here, they're not helpful unless it didn't arrive. plus, the seller had been very nice so i wanted to give them a chance to fix it.

    anyhow, after a lot of back and forth, i said i would ask for the price i paid for the bag without any shipping fees. i went to my post office on Monday and mailed it priority with return receipt and insurance. i contacted the seller to ask if they'd received it and they said no. it's been 6 days, and it was only going from tx to cali.

    ***i'm wondering if the seller could have gotten the bag back and chose not to use the return receipt. is that possible? could he have taken the green card off and trashed it as opposed to signing it and mailing it back? i hope not. i was told that he'd have to sign it but i'm wondering why it hasn't show up yet. especially since i mailed my friend in cali a bday card wednesday and it got there friday...weird. ***

    i have a bad feeling about this though :s the original eBay listing said the item was in the US, but when i got it, the return info was in Chinese (according to the mailman) and he said it couldn't have come from the US. it also had no US postage on it. the address the seller gave me was oakland though. bah! the only thing saving me from hating ebay are the two other wonderful bags i got from 2 pfers :smile:
  2. Its not the recievers job to take it off and mail it back. The delivery guy makes him sign, tears it off then returns that to the PO for mailing back to you.
  3. if it's been 6 days since you sent it out it's not likely you would get the return reciept back that fast. priority takes 2-3 days but it's not guarenteed. then regular mail can take who knows how long.

    did you get a tracking number or insurance number on your po reciept? check on usps with that number.

    there are some companies in california that have a service where people in asian countries can buy on ebay, the item gets sent to the co in ca and then shipped to the buyer in asia. i've shipped to someone in singapore this way. that way they only have to pay us shipping
  4. i wasn't planning on getting the card back so soon, but i'd hoped the seller would have received it. i'm wondering if maybe he's in asia and it's got to get to him there. i didn't know (and neither did my mailman) that those companies existed, so thanks for letting me know. :smile:
  5. i got the card back today, which means he's had the bag back at least since he sent me the "no i don't have it" email! since *someone* signed for it, i'm guessing it's not eligible for insurance anymore. what do i do now?
  6. If you paid by credit card you can notify them to cancel the charge. Also, if it was signed for at an address provided by the seller, then I think the seller cannot claim it was not received. Keep all your emails and documents in case you need to fight this.
  7. thanks! i've kept all emails and paypal receipts. i'm gonna give him until wednesday to change his answer to "yes, i have it here's your refund." after that, i'm going to either pay pal or my credit card company.
  8. I think I have a really good answer for this one, perhaps the buyer, after receiving your money, placed an order in china where he/she obviously knew they were buying a fake, and used your address as the send to address. Instead of he/she buying the fake from china then sending it to you that way they save time and shipping fees. I once bought a pair of sneakers from a new online company because they were cheaper, they said that they were located in pennsylvania, USA but it came from china and I felt weird about it, luckily I didn't spend too much.
  9. I'm sorry this happened to you. Call paypal first and file a claim of item significantly not as described and tell them situation of the transaction and fax them the receipts and proof of return for this transaction. You should get your money back as long as you paid within paypal terms of use and therefore qualify for buyer protection. If paypal denies your claim or only pay you a portion of the value of the bag, call your credit card company up and go through them. Don't email paypal, they'll either give you an automated reponse or something of the sort. Paypal is in the business of making money so stick to your guns. Good luck!