Return Policies

  1. Hey guys, new to the forum so be nice :P

    Recently recieved a few gifts from some now ex-girlfriends. A couple sweaters, shirts, and ties. Now I normally shop at Normstroms, however these gifts are from Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. Times are hard and money's tight which is why I'd prefer a cash back for some bills rather than store credit for clothing I don't need. The problem is they were gifts, so i don't have a recepit, and I can't exactly ask the ex's for one. Anyone know if its store credit only or cash back without a recepit?
  2. ooh-I think you can ONLY get store credit
  3. Store credits only at those stores. But, you could always sell them on ebay. GC's get almost face value. Hope this helps.
  4. Another option is if you have department store cards to these stores, they might be willing to charge your card back. Then you'd have a credit on the card. Once the credits post, you can always call them store cc number and ask for a refund check.... It'd take a bit of time, but it's an option.
  5. i doubt it.... you might just get a store credit if your item is still in season .... just sell it on ebay.
  6. Really appreciate the responces, amazed at how many I got actually lol. Wish the other stores had the same return policy as Normstroms, guess everyone can't be winners eh?

    1 more quick question. How long do the items take to resell on Ebay? Never sold clothes before online.. or in person come to think of it.

    Thanks again
  7. You will get store credit for the items but if the item was marked down 4 times even though your ex paid full price you would only get the markdown price without a receipt.
    Good luck.