return on charge-send for watercolor speedy

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  1. I just got on the WL in Hawaii for the 30 watercolor speedy but haven't given them my CC yet. I wanted to make sure of the return policy for a charge-send from state to state before I do. If I don't like it can I just return it to my boutique at SCP? I'm not sure about this since its a 30 and Cali is only getting the 35.

    I tried searching the return thread in FAQ but haven't found anything relevent. I hope I didn't over look something I would be really embarrassed! sorry if I did :flowers: TIA everyone!

    P.S only 23 more days for all of us waiting impatiently for the watercolors!
  2. normally you can, but i wonder if it is possible since, like you said, the 30 is a hawaii exclusive. you might just want to call ala moana to clarify on that.
  3. I agree with Caley :tup: Just call the LV Boutique in Hawaii where you got it from and see what they say. You may want to call the SCP boutique as well to be sure. :smile:
  4. I just called SCP and this rude SA told me how since its so rare anyways I probably won't even have a chance so I don't have to worry! Then she said she's very busy right now and that I would have to come in if I have any other questions! I can't believe it! Why can't she just have answered my question? Wouldn't it have taken the same amount of time and effort? SHEESH! too bad my SA isn't working to day, I'll call the ala moana boutique after I get out of class
  5. ^^^ RUDE!

    I hate hearing about the rude SAs around. Best of luck on getting the answers you deserve!, amsiepoo!
  6. RUDE SA. She should not be working for LV with bad customer service like that.
  7. totally agree!! After all, they are all working on commission. I think our TPFers should boycott those Rude SAs!! On the other hands, recommend your nice SA to us.:yes:
  8. I've been thinking this for awhile now, theres no reason for us to give our good business to someone who doesn't deserve it. Thats the reason why I dumped my old SA, she was showing me the new azur speedy for less than 5 mins and then asked, "So are you going to get it?" looking not at me but somewhere else in the store:tdown:

    Anywho... I got out of class too late today to call anyone so I'll try again tomorrow.
  9. WOW, amsiepoo, i'm shocked at the treatment you got! downright rude. hopefully you'll be able to do the refund/exchange if it doesn't turn out.
  10. The ala moana boutique told me I can just return it to my local LV boutique. My SA wasn't working today but another sweet SA from bloomie's LV told me they would love to take the 30 speedy but I would have to return it to the actual boutique in the mall. She even offered to call for me to double check instead of having me call around! She totally makes up for the rude SA yesterday at the mall boutique.

    once again Bloomies LV > SCP LV

    I think I'm going to get both pap and speedy 30 and decide which one to keep, which means... there might be a watercolor speedy 30 coming to a Ca LV for those of you who think the 35 is too big! Sorry I'm a big tease but I'll let you guys know if I decide to return the 30!
  11. I am so happy you got a nice SA this time!!!!!!

    I bet you'll love the 30, but if you don't, the Pap is downright gorgeous, as well.
  12. would they even be able to sell the 30? i would imagine that would cause quite a ruckus on the mainland, especially if that person is on TPF. would leave a bunch of angry TPFers that want a 30. :s
  13. I do not think you would be able to return it to LV within the mainland 48 states. However, you can always ship it back to the store in Hawaii, it would not be that much. I myself would not ask them in the Hawaii store if one can return it, they then tend to think that's exactly what you will do on them so they may not want to fool with you. Sorry, but I found when I lived there, that is how they were, especially with mainland customers.
  14. wow a 30 .. well I guess you could always sell it on ebay , sure many people wold be happy to take it off your hands... but I am sure you will love it.