Retroune Kelly

  1. I did a search and came up empty prior to me posting this question. I have heard this terminology before when referring to a Kelly.

    "A Retroune Kelly not holding its shape" can some of you ladies explain what is a Retroune?

    still learning!! :heart:
  2. Isn't the Kelly in your avatar a retourne? Stitching inside, piping outside?
  3. Yes, you are correct I just checked it. I did not even know that. So then am I to assume that it won't hold its shape? or is this just opinion? Since it brand new- I would like to know the con's of this type of handbag so that if/when I purchase another one I may change the style? and do Birkins have this also?
  4. Whether or not it holds its shape depends also on the size and leather. Some leathers slouch more than others and I find the bigger the bag, the more it will slouch. Next time you go to the store, ask to see a sellier/rigide style. There's an extra layer of leather in the bag to make it maintain its shape. Advantages to the retourne are that it is considered more casual and it will hold more.
  5. Wow. I am impressed.. I checked my other Kelly and it to is Retroune and the leather is Clemence (Rogue) and my black one is Togo both are 32cm. Well then I am glad that it is considered more of a casual handbag that is a good thing. I will certainly check out the other styles that you have mentioned.

    Do these styles also come in the Birkins?...(Retroune)
    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge..
  6. The Birkin only comes sewn retourne.

    I think you will find your clemence will slouch more, am I correct?
  7. Yes, you are totally correct, it has bad posture....
    Wow at 48, I am still learning new things everyday!!
    Thanks again...
  8. Hello, amamxr, there is actually a third Kelly style and what it has is stitching on the outside edges like the regular Sellier...but, it is made of a mou ( very soft ) leather such as clemence or possibly togo. The inside leather construction is also a bit different.

    So, that with this style you have a Sellier Kelly that can slouch and actually fold up. Sounds unbelievable until you see one and see what I mean.

    Otherwise, I believe the regular Selllier is great about keeping her shape.

    Many of us also like the Retourne and like a bit of softness. This is the style I prefer. I like seeing the draping of the leather.

    I like your Kelly! The skin is clemence? She's lovely and looks so soft.
  9. My black one is actually Togo Leather it seems not to be as soft as my Rouge one which is Clemence.

    I wish they made a catalog for the handbags so that you are able to actually see all the different styles, etc to better educate yourself..

    Does anyone know why they don't offer a catalog?
  10. ^^To keep the fakers from copying everything.
  11. Thanks Ladies...:flowers:
  12. I had a new Retourne Box Calf Kelly that I wore nearly every day for a few years. It developed a marvelous patina and a very comfy lived-in look, perfect for casual wear. However, I prefer getting that casual look from a Togo or Clemence Birkin and replaced the Retourne Box Calf Kelly with a Sellier Box Calf Kelly. The Sellier will hold it's shape forever, assuming it's not abused by its guardian.
  13. that, plus they don't NEED to -- i just found out recently that hermes doesn't even have a marketing department!!! we buy up all the kellys and birkins they can make, so no need for those expenses.
  14. Why would they need a marketing department? They have us. One thread about a certain item and they are off the shelves in an instant.
  15. Exactly. They should give us healthcare benefits and a Holiday party.