Retro white first?

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  1. There is a white first that has nickel hardware and they are calling it retro? Can anyone please explain?
  2. where was this? on line?
  3. yes, it's the first white retro
  4. On they have a retro white first? What makes it retro or has anyone heard of this?
  5. Not sure why they're calling it Retro, but looks like a regular brass hardware white First to me.
  6. In the photos on the website, the hardware looks like the usual antiqued brass... could it be that the "nickel" refers to the GH - the label that was mistakenly attached to RH bags? this would be my guess...
  7. Hmm... well, I zoomed in and panned around on those bags and the hw indeed does look nickel... :confused1:
  8. Another point here... I just went to examine my antha 09 RH bag and her hardware looks like gunmetal/nickel from some angles. The hardware is a different color from my grenat work when compared side by side.

    But then why would the descriptions say nickel and one even says retro?
  9. have any of u ladies ever bought the bags at barneys online?
    i'm a bit paranoid of buying a balenciaga online lol (like the ups showing up at the wrong house or etc :s)
  10. Wasn't the older collections around 05 and earlier nickel hardware?