Retail price for Sophie?

  1. hi,everybody.I really want sophie!!!!!!!!!!Is it possible to get anywhere besides eBay or there is no hope?:crybaby: and what is the retail price for it???thank you!!!!
  2. It was approx 53000 yen in Tokyo (inc tax) when i got it. Approx US$435
    (can't remember the exact figure)

    There is actually a pochette version too which was around 36000 yen
  3. Only in Japan and Hawaii right's rumored to come to the states--not sure how true this is. It retailed for $400 or $420 I think. Right now eBay is the only place to find it-unless you know someone in Hawaii or Japan who can buy and ship it to you.
  4. It was only released in Hawaii and Japan. My SA said that it was NOT coming to the mainland. Hawaii will only do a charge/send if you have a purchase history in one of their boutiques. Right now all three boutiques in Hawaii are completely sold out of the Sophie. eBay is probably your best bet. In Hawaii, the Sophie was $400 plus tax... so around $420
  5. I got mine for $400+shipping. No tax for out-of-state customer.
  6. oops... I meant Oahu. I'm not sure about the Big Island or Maui.
  7. i think there's different price zone in HI, but the bottom line is you have to have a previous purchase history in HI before they can charge send to mainland......Why can't LV ship internationally like Chanel!?:crybaby:
  8. Hubby said he purchased Sophie in Hawaii for $400