Restricter's Goodies! Come see!

  1. As promised, here are pics of my Rubis neo bucket (click the link) and my MOCA neverfull. Enjoy -- because I am!
  2. That is so cute that your kitty's head is stuck in the bag LOL Congrats!
  3. congrats!!! love them both!!!
  4. yay, congrats!
  5. Gorgeous! Major Congrats!!!
  6. Congrats!!!!!
  7. congrats! I know you've been wanting the moca neverfull!

    I like your cat!
  8. too cute ..congrats
  9. Congrats!!!
  10. link isn't working :sad:
  11. Both bags are so pretty.

    Your cat is too cute too. :tender:

  12. Wow...

  13. Congrats!!
  14. Congrats on both of your beautiful new bags !!!!
  15. congrats!