Resolving an eBay unreceived item


Jun 21, 2006
I wondered if anyone can give me advice. I have a problem with a pair of shoes I bought on eBay, and never received. It is now 3 months since I won the item and paid.

The seller claims she sent it to me in the UK via USPS. I can't track it, and it never arrived. The seller isn't being helpful. I lodged a dispute with eBay, but nothing seems to be happening.

I feel really upset, and am not sure what to do.

Any advice from other PFers?
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Sorry to hear about your not receiving the item.

Did you pay thru PayPal? Which method of shipment did the seller use? USPS Express Mail? If so, it can be tracked. When did you file the dispute thru eBay?

We need a little more info on this one to help you.........
Thanks for your quick response, print*model.
I payed through Paypal, and the seller sent the item through USPS.
The tracking number the sender sent did work in USPS's website, and said that delivery had been attempted. But we never received the item, or any notification of attempted delivery. We had a similar issue with another item, and it turns out the the USPS 'attempted delivery' message is not reliable - it can mean anything once the item has left US shores. When we tried to track the item over the phone with USPS, they said they couldn't help (sender only can request an inquiry). When we asked the UK parcel force - they couldn't find the item - the tracking number meant nothing to them. (The other item we had a problem with was found immediately by Parcel Force.)
Sorry for such a long, complex response - but now all the info is on the table :yes:

Have you filed a dispute thru eBay or a claim thru PayPal? If you paid thru PayPal and they find that the item can not be tracked, you can get your money back.

If you paid with a credit card, you can also go thru your credit card company and file a claim with them and they will reimburse you.
Redcoral, I have had this happen before, as you know I am in England to. You need to phone customs and excise and give them the tracking number to see if it entered the country. You need to make sure tracking number is correct, you say its not showing up on usps website, is that correct? If its showing an attemp of delivery was made, what that means (well it did with me) was their was a customs charge to pay. Customs and excise will let you know. Phone them tomorrow and ask giving tracking number. Are you 100% sure the seller has given you the right tracking number?
Whoops... read it wrong, tracking was working on usps. Usps seem to send this message when their is a charge being made on the item. Ring HM Revenue & Customs on Monday I think this is the phone number 08459000404 if not its in the phone book.
I think you wont have any luck with ebay since your time limit has long since gone with filing a claim. The seller is probably not being helpful because she knows that also. Good Luck!