resolution regarding my old thread (mjlover and abbygirl) ...

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  1. Hi lovely TPFers

    Just wanted to post to let you know that Abbygirl and i have agreed that we will split the cost of the lost bag ($350 each) and call it a day.

    I hope Abbygirl comes and posts here too.

    Im so happy that this is resolved, but more importantly that Abbygirl doesnt think im a scammer and that we were just unlucky (and i bet neither of us will allow for anything to be sent/recieved without insurance again :yes:)

    I wanted to thank everyone for their advice too - you gals are great.

    I felt a tremendous relief when i pressed that 'cancel claim' button about a minute ago ...

    thanks again everyone.

  2. WHOHOOOOOO. This is a good day for both of us!!! We are so excited that this is getting cleared up - we are both good people and yes MJ, i have learned a valuable lesson here.

    And yes, although some of you were really helpful to us both, and others were just rude, thank you for posting your help in this.

    See, who says buyers and sellers cannot work out a solution that bene:tup::yahoo::flowers:fits both?
  3. Am so glad you posted Abbygirl - i think we both feel a tremedous amount of releif. And as i said to you on PM, i now understand why you might have assumed i was a scammer - ive been reading the HORRIBLE stories that have gone on this ebay forum (and some other people on TPF like speedy and that monaco babe) ... im a firm believer in karma and i am so glad that you believe im not one of those people.

  4. I'm so happy!!!

    In the end, everyone involved learned a good lesson. Thanks for posting the outcome!
  5. hey sarah - i sent you an email a while back but didnt hear from you ... just checking you are all good baby?
  6. I am allllllllll good :smile: Hope things are well with you, too!

    Any new bag purchases you want to share? PM me, girly!
  7. MJlover and Abbygirl, CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH. I'm glad you managed to resolve this issue together and I'm just very sorry that you both had to take a loss, when obviously there is a dishonest person out there who stole the Prada bag.

    I'm delighted you've both helped each other out in this case so neither one of you takes the full hit on an expensive bag.

    GOOD ON YOU BOTH!!! :tup:
  8. Not to be rude...but as a buyer I'd be ticked off to have to pay ANYTHING for something I didn't receive. Seller is ALWAYS responsible for insurance and you would have won your claim.
  9. ^ ah, salt in the wound...:rolleyes:

    I am glad you worked things out - congrats! it is never easy either way, and your resolution makes ebay so much more enjoyable again for both of you!
  10. congra!!! good to hear it all work out!
  11. Honestly I was thinking the same thing. For me personally that would've been unacceptable. I'm happy that you guys worked it out and are happy with it. If you like it, I love it! :tup:
  12. have to agree as a buyer would not of been muy choice at all but then it is not my call and i am glad you guys are not fighting anymore:okay:
  13. True twiggers but the seller could feel ticked off too. It seems they both suffered a loss.
    The fact that a resolution has been reached means they can both sleep at night and thats worth a lot more than the dollars..
    Good luck girls, thanks for sharing.
  14. Yea, happy to hear the good news!
  15. Ditto.

    But I am very glad you all worked it out. I love my tPF ladies.:heart:
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