Resolution & New Addition!

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  1. Ok, I had the whole Burberry Prorsum vs. MJ Stam vs. LV Cerise Sac Plat....

    Well, I went to the mall tonight really quick. NM had a black stam--and although I do love the shape of the bag... I think it's a little too big for me or something... Or maybe what I want is one that's really in patent green! But that's not happening anytime. And I do think that the BP is like the Stam with the patent leather, check patter, and gold chain detail. And I think for me it's better in the long run. So the Stam is out and the BP is in!

    Then I went over to LV... Those cerises are so darn cute! One of the SA had her speedy 25 and she showed it to me. As cute as it is, the speedy cherries are smaller and I think the bag is too small for me. I looked at the regular Popincourt too--but that bag is so short! Then they pulled out their LAST Cerise Sac Plat. Ok, I decided it was for me. I know some of you HATE the Sac Plat. But those "big" little cherry faces are very irresistible! So I'm done for a while--NO MORE BAGS for me! Well, except for the GB that's in the mail :P

    Here are two pics of my new addition!

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  2. aww! so cute! lucky you! i didn't think there was any cerise left! =D
  3. They're so cute.. but you're like the king of the purse addiction interventions.. are you falling into the habit ? :biggrin:
  4. Too cute! Seeing these photos of the cerises collection makes me want a Speedy :love:
  5. Thanks! I think that's a compliment. And yes--I've given myself an intervention. Hence NO Stam. I'm keeping the BP because it's so unusual. And I really only got the LV b/c this was my only chance to get it from the store vs. ebay. And I just can't do ebay--too paranoid. What if the photo is genuine but the bag is fake?! That's all I can think about. So no ebay for me.

    The GD was actually purchased with a credit from a defective Felix Rey bag. So if I don't like the GD, I'll return it--get the credit back as a check and put it towards the BP & LV. Doesn't that work? But yes, no more bags for me!
  6. OHHH Wicked!!! I looooove the LV Cherise Sac Plat!!! It's so adorable!!! So pretty!!! Enjoy your beautiful bag! I think you will be happy with the Cherise Sac Plat!

    Congrats for your new purchases!!! and you are excused but NO MORE bag for you for awhile Ok???:biggrin: :biggrin: :lol:
  7. Yup. The black Stam that I had sent out to me today is going back the second it arrives--too late to cancel the order. Don't worry--I won't fall in love with the Stam.

    And the GD will only stay if I'm in love. So then I'll have the Sac Plat and Burberry Prorsum. I think those will be two good classics to keep me happy for quite some time. At least until winter is my plan.
  8. hehe hope you can stick to your resolution! I'm sure it'll be hard though ;). Cute bag :biggrin:
  9. ^ "Winter" meaning??? I almost thought seriously about a brown python bag this weekend (and occasionally have the "you could just call and see if it is still available" thoughts), but have held steadfast to my promise not to purchase any more brown bags in the "near" future (after a record of 2 brown Chloe bags in one month...oh, and one brown YSL the month before)... And I am not usually about brown bags, hmmm...
  10. congrats on ur LV i love their little faces too cute
  11. I think you made a GREAT choice! I just asked yesterday for anything cerise at LV, nothing left you LUCKY gal!:love: :love: :love: CONGRATULATIONS!:nuts:
  12. I'm sorry but, I can believe you bought that "shopping bag" purse...just because of those cherries! You should've went to the grocery store and bought a bag of cherries and put faces on them instead!
  13. Pursemama you too so cute!!:biggrin: .
  14. Congrats on the great bags! I'm not a big LV fan, but those cherries sure are cute--they'll make you smile each time you carry the bag!
  15. That's true, at least you'll be sure that all your purchases are authentic !

    And of course it's a compliment, I bow down to your shopping prowless and taste ! :amuse: