1. How do i resize my pictures until they're small enough to be used as an avatar..? :shame:
  2. If you right click on your picture and choose "Open With" you can select from any photo editing software your PC came w/, almost all of them have a basic program.
    Otherwise, you can download and use for free. Resize it to 100x80.
  3. k thanks! =D
  4. I'm using a Mac and can't figure out how to resize for the avatar.

    Any help is appreciated.
  5. In iphoto, you can select the photo you want to have as your avatar, then go to File - Export.... select "Scale images no larger than: and put in 100 x 100 . press export and choose where to save the picture. Upon saving, you can then upload it as your avatar.
  6. I tried this but the file size still exceeds the maximum 19.5....
  7. Ok- Next question..! How do you put the AVATAR in ??!!
  8. Jill, click on User CP, then choose Edit Avatar.
  9. Have a ? .............

    I'm trying to make my pics small enough so that they don't exceed the size limits for the bag showcase. I spent 2 1/2hrs on this last night and now my pics look squashed :hysteric: They aren't crisp like I want them :rant:

    Can someone help me with resizing to get them to fit but not look fuzzy and squished? I'm using Irfanview.