Resistance is was bound to happen sooner or later

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393524101.009695.jpg

    I really should be doing other things right now but I cannot help sharing with all my friends here.

    Any guesses?
  2. I'm sure it's something lovely. Let's see!
  3. a bag?
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393525626.241119.jpg

    Yes! A bag. I am weak and caved.
  5. A bolide? (I am rubbish at guessing:smile:) or a Kelly
  6. Cheapfrillsnorth - I am usually crap at guessing too.

    Here's a hint.
  7. Gold Kelly?
  8. Woohoo!!! Looks like a gold kelly to me!!! =D
  9. You guys are good!

    Here she is. 32" GHW Togo
  10. Shoot me now but I can't see white stitching so am going to guess a kelly from the handle but not gold - moutarde?
  11. Lovely Kelly!!!
  12. See - I am a rubbish guesser.

    Your Gold Kelly is beautiful. Congratulations. I could only have been happier for you if it was a moutarde bolide:smile:
  13. Awe what a beauty! Enjoy her in a good health!
  14. Congratssss
  15. Thanks ladies for joining the reveal and sharing in my joy.