Researching Golden Doodles...

  1. I'm considering a new addition to out "pet family" and am fascinated by the hybrid "golden doodles". I've casually looked into some local breeders but wondered if anyone has actual experience or thoughts pro or con regarding this breed. Thanks in advance!
  2. I think theyre really cute and would eventually like to have one but im kinda scared because theyre are no standards for the list and it seems risky when you cant base yourself on anything...but they sure are cute:smile:
  3. DO NOT BUY A GOLDEN DOODLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i cannot stress enough that it worsens overpopulation. remember, every time you buy a dog from a breeder, one dog dies in a shelter. goldendoodles are just over priced mutts. and the breeders are either backyard breeders/people trying to make money. a good breeder does extensive health testing and proves that the dog is worthy of being bred by showing a dog to become a champion, since the purpose of breeding is to better a breed.

    just curious, why a golden doodle?? what about that breed do you like? i'd be happy to suggest some breeds that would be great for you. or if you don't have to have a purebred, there are some great shelters and rescues, just please PLEASE do NOT buy a golden doodle!!!!
  4. I'm clueless. What is a golden doodle? A golden retriever and poodle mix?
  5. Wow. Sorry Gymangel, apparently I hit a button. To answer LeeLee's question, a golden doodle is a hybrid of poodle and golden retriver. You've probably heard of labradoodles? ( mix of labs and poodles)
    OK I'm really not wanting to start a discussion about purebred vs mutt/pound or rescue dogs. I love all dogs. I simply asked an innocent question about a particular breed. Sorry if this offended anyone.
  6. Sounds cute! I guess their fur would be sort of silky and wavy, then. I've heard of labradoodles, but never actually seen one.

    One of my dogs came from a farm about ten or eleven years ago. Her mother was definately a collie and the people I got her from were 99.9% certain her father was a golden retriever. As she grew up, I'd say they were definately right. She looks like both! Anyway, she sure is pretty and sweet and I bet a golden doodle would be too!:smile:
  7. i don't know if it sounded mean sorry, it was meant to be informative. i feel very strongly about this and try my best to discourage anyone from buying/supporting poor breeders. i am still curious, why that so called breed? what about it do you like?
  8. Where do you live??? I found a dog this morning, and returned it to its "home," where the Mom informed me that she wants to find a new home for him!!! He's a young Goldendoodle, and SO sweet!!! I would take him if I could!!!

    I know it's wishful thinking that you live near here--I'm in Edmonton, Canada.